I picked up Lujan’s book about a year ago, after reading it I decided to do a few months of phone sessions over Skype. Going into my sessions I was filled with questions that after I found answers I believed would help me progress. But I was mistaken. Lujan automatically noted that answers will not bring growth until I dealt with issues from my past that were keeping me fixed. These phone sessions turned into something I was not expecting them to be, and made me confront myself which took a lot of effort and understanding.

A few months later I ended up on the other side of the world. Alone. In Bali. I definitely was excited but remember thinking what am I doing here, and what am I going to get out of this. I did the Shamanic Healing with Lujan and I can’t even begin to describe my achievements, and even if I wrote down every experience and all the knowledge I took from it, it wouldn’t make a difference to you, because these were experiences were mine. I can say I gained a life experience, priceless knowledge and faultless groundwork to help me unravel and am grateful for having Lujan teach me.

Lujan has not only a comprehensive knowledge and generosity to give but also endless encouragement for us, his students that embed vital teachings. I felt so content, Lujan truly was so humble, caring, loving and comical that I did not want my time with him to end. The techniques I learnt were specified towards me, I was able to acquire, obtain and practice. I experienced an effortless but profound ecstasy of Being when I let go of indications and became. Have faith in yourself, because you too are capable to learn here and beyond.

I linger to work with you again,

All my love and gratitude,