By Genki Sudo

Only available in Japanese.

I was contacted by Genki Sudo so he could undertake training in the Toltec tradition. I said he was welcome to come and visit me when he was in the United States. Two weeks before he came to see me the old nagual Lujan came to him in a dream and laid his hand on his shoulder, leaving a white hand print that remained there for two weeks afterwards.

As the dream ended a star fell from the sky and entered his heart space. When Genki came to see me in Costa Rica he showed me the hand mark. He asked me whether it means anything. I said to him it can only mean what unfolds, not what we say about it.

We proceeded to write a book about the human condition and how life impacts us all individually and collectively.

Genki is a very nice man and I loved teaching him. This book is about his experiences with me while learning Dragon’s Tears.

Lujan Matus Shamanic Teachings: The World Will Change if You Change Yourself