Firstly, I would like to elucidate an experience that I have had over the last couple of days.

At the moment I am studying with Dr. Robert Morse to become a detoxification specialist. I was watching one of his DVD’s and he said he was having great success healing a group of people from one particular malady. There was an individual who wasn’t responding to the herbal medicine. So he went to the person in questions house and discovered that he was in an environment where they were frying food.

Thus Dr. Morse came to the conclusion that the client was consuming the fried food through breathing it in. Consequently, he could not heal from the illness.

He was removed from this environment and very quickly he started getting better.

At the moment I am 100 percent raw – 95 percent fruitarian – and undertaking a herbal detox program. I was teaching my student Windlock and the garlic I had up on the blinds as a decoration fell to the floor. Upon that point the room was filled with this beautiful smell of garlic. I immediately picked it up and accidentally put it on top of my lamp.

The next day the room was filled with this beautiful fragrance. So then my wife decided to cut the rosemary I had hanging up and combine the two fragrances. This was just amazing!

In one the world wars they used to burn rosemary and juniper as a disinfection agent. Thus, we knew the fragrance of garlic and rosemary will kill any mold, bacteria or viral contaminants in the air by virtue of being on top of the lamp.

The next few days I was engrossed in coming downstairs into our lounge room, smelling this beautiful combined odor, knowing that it has a cleansing effect through the olfactory organs. While sitting down enjoying the fragrance, I said to my beautiful wife, “My God! Maybe this is how breatharianism works. The flavor is so satisfying and the goodness of what is in the air is obviously entering my body, the same way the fried food entered the system of Dr. Morse’s client.”

So I really believe I am onto something.

I may experiment with this in the future using the fragrances of the elemental environment to sustain myself.

Anyway, my wife made a beautiful meal of raw seaweed salad and I mentioned why don’t I just take one clove of this garlic that has been slightly roasted on top of my lamp and put it in my meal.

The most extraordinary thing happened. My awareness, bubbliness and enthusiastic demeanor decreased almost immediately.

I could no longer smell the garlic in the air, which I was so enjoying, and my buoyant fruitarian consciousness was significantly muted. Now I realize why we use particular foods for medicine. Even though the garlic can have a positive effect, it changes one’s awareness.

So I am learning so much about the process of fruitarianism and the raw food lifestyle. Not only does this lifestyle give vitality and happiness, I can also smell somebody with perfume coming from half a mile away if they are downwind. It is extraordinary.

The senses of wild animals must be so acute and their being so vibrant by virtue of the fact that they don’t eat cooked food. And it is self-evident within my experience that this is the case.

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