Here is an email Lujan received from a student in Japan:

Dear Lujan,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. The climate had changed in my province (Niigata prefecture) clearly after big earth quake in March. To be exact, weather became to be cloudy for a greater part of the month, especially during moonless nights.

So I lost a occasion to see skyfull of stars.
But I could see full moon for sometimes for sure, because the weather often were better during full moon periods.

Accordingly I practiced quetzalcoatl moon gazing technique first than star gazing technique. I have some acquaintances who are experts of astrophotography. They alike claims that they haven’t experienced such lasting of nasty weather in their life (actually we suffered serious floods in summer not only in Niigata precture but also in Western Japan as well).

But something changed in the end of August!

“Tainai star festival” is the biggest starry event in Japan which is being held in my neighboring town. This is an event I’m really looking forward to see in a year and this event held in 26-28th Aug.

This periods were almost moonless nights and expected overcast heather or rainy day would last according to weather forecast.

But weather dramatically changed in the morning on 26 Aug and sunny day lasted for three days.

Strangely the numbers of people who visited this event recorded highest during past 20 years.
Recently I knew the fact that the bright supernova was found in M101 galaxy which is also very popular and familiar galaxy among astro fans.

This supernova so rapidly increased its brightness that we can take a picture this supernova by even a telephoto lens in September.

I’m not sure how this phenomenon being related to current global-scale changing including weather, political movement and our mind and energy body.

Let me repeat again, something has changed lately on both on earth and inside myself.

It is full moon tonight in Japan.

And the weather is perfect, bright sunny day today.

I have to practice Quetzalcoatl Gazing Technique.

With a lot of love,

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