Regardless of the descriptions elucidated in Carlos Castaneda’s work about using one’s death as an adviser,

it seems blatantly apparent in a lot of circles, that many conceive that they have taken this principle and are living it whole heartedly. In a lot of cases this is far from the truth.

If one has not conquered their internal dialogue it is virtually impossible to use one’s death as an adviser. In the social milieu that besets our lives, we are positioned in a quandary that cannot be seen by virtue of the fact that we have been conditioned to believe the insignificant to be of importance.

In many cases it is very difficult to convince a socially programmed human being that to get more out of life they must reduce themselves to such a degree that their personal “I” disappears from their own personal view.

To give an example of what I am trying to convey here; a socially programmed person would walk into a rainforest and be immediately in danger by virtue of the fact that their sense of self has been corralled into their internal dialogue and as they speak to themselves, reflecting on the world around them, the awe – the beauty of what they see – they fail to see the true awe and beauty of their surroundings by virtue of the fact that they are so conditioned they cannot possibly see what’s in front of them or what surrounds them.

The only way to know what is there in terms of danger is not to be there. Not to think but to be witness to pure experience that will turn your eyes and your body towards the possible predator that waits to devour you, and by the skin of your teeth removing oneself promptly from the circumstance.

So in essence, to use one’s death as an adviser one cannot think. One must directly know. And if one directly knows, a person can immediately speak of their experience, without thought.

And without thought their eyes will move to what is appropriate, without expectation.

So in essence, death advises one how to live. And gives the opportunity to live beyond a point that could cause their death.

For the modern shaman, the world is a mystery when we embrace our silent self.