To explain what transpired within this dream that occurred many years ago is somewhat complex yet so simple:

My wife and I were in a dream scene. I looked to my left. There was an entrance that seemed to beckon us.

As we crossed the threshold there was a middle-aged Chinese woman, waiting for us to arrive.

She glanced toward me and in the gesture of her eyes there was a welcome and indication that she had been waiting for my arrival. She proceeded to sit down at a wooden table and gestured for us to make ourselves comfortable.

As she leant down to retrieve something from a cabinet in the palm of her hand were metal objects. They were buttons.

She said, ‘These are yours. They are from your benefactor’s uniform. He was a great military strategist; the greatest general of his time.’

I then realized that the buttons were from the oriental armor that he was so often clad in.

She said to me, ‘you are family. By virtue of the fact that our greatest grandfather, the old nagual Lujan passed you enormous amounts of his luminosity. You are now part of our oriental lineage.’

As she said this I looked her directly in the eyes and realized that her features were strong and heavy boned; atypical Mongolian face.

When she said this I realized that yes it is true. The deeper meaning behind this was that I am now the old nagual. And when she said that I was family, she was implying more than what she spoke.

When I first met the old nagual he transferred a great amount of luminosity to my being as a child of seven years old. I had never considered the old nagual my benefactor as a father. When his great great granddaughter gestured that I was family she was acknowledging the non-linear occurrence of transferal of energy from the old nagual to me as a phenomena that seemed to be second nature in terms of her grasping what had occurred.

I have no idea whether I will find these items that belong to the old nagual’s uniform. I also know that Amy Wallace has a black cup with oriental designs upon it that was meant to be passed to me as well. Whether they arrive to my hands is an unknown factor and one that is of no importance really.