One of the most direct ways to change the way we feel is through movement. A sedentary routine does more than stiffen the limbs; stagnation can occur on many levels and can diminish self-esteem, decrease health and lower energy levels.

Many of the daily habits associated with modern living, resulting notably from prolonged use of computers (sitting down for long periods with slouched posture) and the tendency to drive rather than walk or cycle, for example, contribute to an overall degeneration of vitality, strength and flexibility. In the evolutionary trajectory, it is only very recently that humankind has had the opportunity to abandon physicality to such an extreme degree, with frightening health implications in evidence all around the world.

Action, whether gentle or vigorous, stimulates the circulation of fluids within the body and promotes vital dispersal of chi throughout the organism. When we engage in cardio-vascular activities we experience a renewing rush that promotes not only increased happiness but also a greater ability to relax. When stretching and doing activities like yoga, we benefit from the release we give to our joints and muscles, as well as the nourishment that we receive through the gesture of taking the time to care for ourselves. Through developing our muscular capacity we experience our own strength and this boosts feelings of independence and capability.

These are just some obvious and tangible results that take place on the physical plane, along with the feel-good effects that occur on emotional and mental spheres. Almost any non-habitual activity that allows the body to break free of its routine of ‘strictly necessary’ movements will provide some kind of relief and benefit for the body. However, if we really want to experience profound transformation through movement, it is worthwhile investigating some of the incredible holistic teachings that are available.

For those who would like to go deeper into body consciousness, there are certain disciplines that address not only the physical organism and emotional well-being but also open a door to other areas of human potential. It is possible to access our dimensional nature through physical practices that enhance sensitivity to energetic channels and even promote awareness of activity taking place in the realm of light. My most powerful experience of this kind of movement was in learning the Dragon’s Tears and Earth Energy Tapping sequences with the nagual, Lujan Matus.

I have delved deeply into many different styles of movement, notably modern dance, capoeira and tai chi, all of which gave me energy and physical freedom, but in undertaking Dragon’s Tears and Earth Energy Tapping, I experienced an accelerated physical and personal development that shocked me with its efficacy and intensity. Lujan Matus’ practice is unique and unparalleled in my experience, leading to an individual capacity that quickly reveals it to be utterly natural and indispensable. I highly recommend seekers of personal growth and transformation to investigate these precious teachings themselves.