Meeting Lujan for the first time felt like seeing somebody with whom I had a deep connection that transcended time and space, again.

I had an overwhelming feeling that everything was falling into place, that all previous events in my life led to this encounter. As I was looking at Lujan’s left eye, I could see the old nagual’s face superimposed on his (an old man from Asia with large black pupils and a white beard) and I felt being transported somewhere else, beyond time and space where an ancient being was talking directly to me as words gradually dissolved, leaving only the flow of pure understanding between two hearts. It has been more real than anything I have experienced.

Lujan told me exactly what I needed to know, being very generous with his wisdom and handling the avalanche of questions I had, with great skill and compassion. For the guidance I received, I am grateful beyond words.

The movements (Dragon’s tears, Lotus and the Serpent Series) are exquisite, gracious yet very powerful. I’ve been practicing daily since our meeting and the effect is simply amazing. Every sequence is enjoyable and while immersed in the practice, everything around disappears for a moment: it feels like a gesture of connecting one with the true self within, as well as with the universe at large, with the essence of life. Or perhaps it rekindles that essence in the practitioner.

There was so much understanding that came through silence, that I cannot possibly quantify. I was able to see everything I had accepted during my previous associations that was unnecessary. All this negativity that we are afraid to expose, burdens, compromises, they all fade away like dust when we give back the voice to the heart.

There is something resurfacing again. Something mysterious. That which can be only when everything else deemed unnecessary, is dropped. At this moment, I perceive it like the ultimate leap of faith: to trust only your awareness, only your heart. The one who does this, renounces everything else willingly. The power of a true heart is almost inconceivable and that part within us that fears it’s development, is the shadow mind. Lujan, thank you from all my heart for this wonderful gift. Looking forward to our next encounter.

Empty Warrior