I know myself I would be thrilled if I could take everybody to the places that I have experienced outside this living construct. But what I’ve found within the transmission of tales of power is that the recipients are somehow propelled by the story itself, as if that story had the power to launch the aspirant into the inner realms of their own possibilities.

I have felt great boosts of energy from supplying the impetus for those who wish to go beyond their present state to another, by merely riding on the intent portrayed through a genuine story of power.

It is an interesting affair. There are trigger points or booting points within our consciousness that are enlivened through transmission.

I think we are confronted, by virtue of being here, with something more encompassing than we truly expect and this can be transmitted through human being to human being and the entrapment is translated through the interactions of emotions in this world. And by virtue of this I think we are faced with more dangers here than we can ever imagine in terms of corruption and coercion that display themselves within the interplay of humanity.

Deciphering information outside of our living construct sometimes can be distressing because we have no identifiable reference points to access that we are familiar with and because of this any fundamental fears that we have will come to the surface and become much larger because the parameters have no boundaries, and that expression expands upon itself.

That’s why it is so very important for us to try to clear our fundamental base plate imprints that supply emotion while we are attempting to traverse what is beyond the confines of our living construct.

Yes! I think one needs balance that relates to the feelings that one can accumulate that will not only bolster one in this world but that will buffer one’s being in another.

To traverse anything beyond the living construct one needs to gather power here, then one’s power will influence on how one copes. It all depends on the energy of that power and how it adapts to any given circumstance that reveals itself as being an unknown factor.

I think it is best for us not to be in turmoil with our fellow man for this to occur. Yet contrary to what I’ve just said, dealing with turmoil in this world builds character and an internal perimeter, or a boundary and from within one’s power sustains itself and grows.