It is possible for another to take one’s essential energy or power from their body if they are aware of the techniques, even though I’ve stated in other posts that it is not possible for another to steal one’s energy or personal power?

And the reason I stated this is fortunately there are only a few that know how to achieve this and there was no reason for me to spread the fixation of paranoia upon this phenomenon.

Even though this seems contradictory it is not. There are only a few, and when you are near a person that can do this your body will feel a particular type of fright, or you will dream that this is occurring; if your dreaming power is substantial.

Also I’ve said before that it is possible to redivert someone’s energy into a purpose that does not align with their life path, and this also is a type of theft.

To take someone’s awareness toward a distraction or avenues of awareness predisposes the individual toward entrapment, because they don’t have the fundamental capacity within their being to discover that in essence they are being distracted.

That is another story and one that we all have to be acutely aware of because in essence it is vitally important to be on target, it is all over too soon, and when we look back the only primary value that we can obtain from a distraction is the lesson, in terms of traversing the tricksters intent to discover the tactics so as never to be tricked again.

When I teach Dragon’s Tears I will also speak of how energetic theft occurs and how one can be aware of it and avoid it so as not to be wounded by another that has the knowledge of this.

As human beings, our primary purpose is to go beyond whatever limitations confront us, individually and collectively. And the dark arts, in all forms, must be dropped to achieve this.

Whether we like it or not, intent is tangible, and on a collective basis gathers gravity and to turn the face of that gravity to a direction that will alter the previous intent outlaid is the only way for us to survive.