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Welcome back, seekers of truth and wisdom, to another enlightening episode of the Parallel Perception Podcast.

This episode explores fascinating topics that challenge conventional thinking and inspire a broader perspective on reality.

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception: Unfolding Divine Manifestation

We begin our journey by discussing the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, an esoteric text that delves into the origins of God’s manifestation and how it unfolds into reality over time.

This book, written in the early 20th century, aligns with many aspects of Gnosticism and other ancient spiritual teachings. Lujan and David explore the concept of evolution presented in this text, which describes a tiered, mathematical progression from unconscious elemental life to an aware, god-like state.

The Journey of Human Evolution

Lujan shares his perspective on human evolution, emphasizing that it is structured to allow us to experience and understand different aspects of the divine. This journey is intricate and profound, from the unconscious state of mineral life to the conscious awareness of our existence and the potential for achieving a demigod-like state. Lujan validates many of these concepts, illustrating how they align with his own teachings and experiences.

Breaking Free from Social Engineering

A significant part of our discussion centers around social engineering and how it traps us in a limited state of consciousness. Lujan explains that to truly evolve, we must break free from these constraints and embrace our full potential. This involves understanding and transcending the frameworks that have been imposed upon us, whether they are societal norms, religious dogmas, or self-imposed limitations.

The Importance of Unity and Harmony

Lujan emphasizes the need for unity and harmony in our journey towards higher consciousness. Division, whether it be racial, social, or ideological, is a major barrier to our spiritual growth. By recognizing and overcoming these divisions, we can move towards a more harmonious existence that aligns with universal laws and principles.

The Power of Parables and Imagination

We also explore the use of parables and imagination in spiritual teachings. Lujan’s book, The Power of Emptiness, is highlighted as an example of how storytelling can convey profound truths in a way that engages our imagination and transcends the limitations of rational understanding. This approach allows readers to connect with deeper aspects of their being and experience spiritual insights in a more holistic manner.

Practical Steps for Spiritual Evolution

As we conclude our discussion, Lujan offers practical advice for those on their spiritual path:

  • Cherish and Support Each Other: Love and cherish the people who love and cherish you. Avoid those who are jealous or do not want you to achieve your potential.
  • Seek Unity: Embrace unity and avoid division. Recognize that we are all part of a larger, interconnected consciousness.
  • Expand Your Mind: Move beyond the limitations of the three-dimensional world. Embrace the vastness of the universe and your place within it.
  • Let Go of Lower Powers: Transcend lower powers and embrace universal consciousness. Do not be trapped by the allure of minor powers that can lead to conflict and division.

Join Us on This Journey

This episode of the Parallel Perception Podcast is a call to action for all who seek to understand and evolve their consciousness. Lujan’s insights offer a roadmap for breaking free from the constraints of the physical world and embracing our true potential as spiritual beings.

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Final Thoughts

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