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Dragon's Tears, taught by Lujan Matus, is a transformative series of movements that has profound impacts on the lives of its practitioners.

Below are testimonials from participants who have experienced significant changes through their practice.

Profound Personal Transformations

Gregory shared his awe at the experiences delivered through Dragon’s Tears sessions, highlighting the magic and profound impact on his life.

The Dragon’s Tears is just beautiful. I was feeling tranquil and hypnotized by watching the hand movements. The movements are so graceful.

Similarly, Endre recounted feeling shifts in physical perception while training with Lujan, describing heightened sensory awareness that felt almost supernatural.

Healing and Emotional Release

Luma’s journey through Dragon’s Tears brought deep emotional insights. She described confronting and healing from emotional wounds as challenging and enlightening, offering her newfound strength and clarity.

Elizabeth discussed the empowerment in embracing and healing from emotional wounds rather than perceiving oneself as a victim, which Dragon’s Tears helped her realize.

Lucid Dreaming and Heightened Consciousness

The practice also extends into sleep, where many participants, including Dorothea, reported lucid dreaming experiences. These experiences are described as transformative, allowing for continued learning and personal development even during sleep, guided by Lujan’s teachings.

The Dragon’s Tears help me greatly in strengthening my kidneys and backbone to trust in what I see and feel and to speak it where appropriate. I’ve become much more sensitive to the subtle flexions of energy and moods between people.

The Guidance of Lujan Matus

The compassionate yet uncompromising guidance of Lujan Matus is a cornerstone of the Dragon’s Tears experience. Participants like Gwen highlighted his approach of compassion without compromise, which fosters a profound and lasting impact on their personal and spiritual growth.

These movements truly do put one in touch with one’s own personal power. It is almost tangible, like heat or cold, although there is no temperature within it that I have discerned. The movements seem to open the lower dantien into an empty space where the energy is free to sway in a gentle breeze.

Join Us

These stories illustrate the life-changing potential of Dragon’s Tears. By joining our upcoming online course, you, too, can experience the transformative power of Lujan’s teachings. Whether you seek spiritual awakening, emotional healing, or a deeper connection with your inner self, Dragon’s Tears offers a unique and powerful path.

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This exclusive online course begins on June 22nd and will run every Saturday from 12 pm-2 pm Arizona time for 14 consecutive weeks via Zoom. The early bird registration is open until June 1st, offering a significant discount at $2095. After this, the registration fee will rise to $2595.

We are now accepting registrations for Lo Ban Pai training with Lujan Matus online and in Sedona, AZ. 

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