Embark on a unique journey with the Windlock System, where physical and spiritual development intertwines.

The Windlock System: A Unique Blend of Movement and Insight

This transformative program offers you a path to uncover the untapped strengths and energies within you. The Windlock System is a series of movements and a profound exploration of the self. It combines physical exercises with profound spiritual teachings, leading to remarkable personal discoveries.

Your Guide on This Journey: Lujan Matus

Lujan Matus extends beyond the traditional role of a teacher, serving as a spiritual guide. His approach, deeply rooted in ancient practices, is tailored to modern needs, focusing on energy, awareness, and holistic self-development.

Transformative Benefits Await You

Participants report significant benefits from the Windlock System. It’s not just about physical enhancement; it’s an all-encompassing transformation, improving immunity, reversing signs of aging, and elevating spiritual and mental clarity.

Two Paths to Choose: Online and Sedona In-Person Training

We offer two formats for this transformative experience:

  1. Online Group Program: Starting February 24th, join our large group sessions held on alternate Saturdays. Benefit from the early bird pricing of $895 if you register by February 11th, after which the price will be $1195.
  2. Sedona In-Person Training: From February 19th-23rd, immerse yourself in an intimate training experience in Sedona, limited to a maximum of 4 students. The cost for this in-depth, personal training is $1995.

Early Bird Opportunity and Sedona Retreat

Seize the early bird offer for the online program by registering before February 11th. Or, choose the exclusive Sedona experience, where the mystical surroundings enhance the transformative power of the Windlock System. Remember, spaces for the Sedona retreat are very limited.

Embark on Your Transformative Journey

Are you ready to explore new horizons of personal growth and spiritual awakening? Join us in the Windlock System program. Whether you choose the online journey or the Sedona retreat, this experience promises to be a transformative milestone in your life.

We are now accepting registrations for Lo Ban Pai with Lujan Matus both online and in Sedona, AZ.

To register, please visit the link below: