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While in Sedona, Evelina felt an undeniable calling to have a session with Lujan Matus.

Once the session was scheduled, her anticipation was palpable. She became restless, consumed by a potent mix of energy and excitement.

During their session, Evelina unveiled the areas in her life where she felt directionless and ensnared. Lujan skillfully held up a mirror, highlighting where her thoughts strayed from her inner truth. Then, a transformative moment transpired.

As she gazed deeply into Lujan’s eyes, she found herself drifting from their conversation, drawn into an expansive, infinite realm. The room around her seemed to come alive — the walls behind Lujan appeared to breathe and reshape, and his visage shifted before her eyes.

In a voice imbued with depth, Lujan inquired if she recognized her newfound state of neutrality. She did.

Evelina’s heart surged with emotion, bringing tears to both their eyes. She mourned for humanity, recognizing the vast potential within each person and the tragic distance from realizing it.

Lujan questioned why she believed such an awakening was a distant dream when, in fact, it was unfolding right then.

That memorable experience remained with Evelina. For days afterward, she could easily tap back into that boundless field, finding it both grounding and enlightening.

This was no ordinary session. It was an awakening, an activation of the soul. The clamor and uncertainties that once clouded Evelina’s life dissolved. The particulars became nebulous, overshadowed by her newfound clarity.

Evelina’s unwavering faith in Lujan, her teacher for over seven years, was undoubtedly a catalyst for this profound experience. But equally pivotal was Lujan’s steadfast commitment to serving others.

Words fall short of describing the depth of Lujan’s guidance. However, one thing is sure: a space within the universal mind exists where all can meet.

Evelina’s journey reaffirms that this benevolent field of consciousness is forever within reach, waiting for those willing to embrace it.


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