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Embark on a transformative journey with Lujan Matus' Lo Ban Pai bodywork system.

Witness the profound experiences of Mark, who traveled to Sedona, Arizona, to immerse himself in the Healing Practitioner Program, emerging with newfound insights and skills.

A Journey of Discovery and Mastery

Mark’s journey into Lo Ban Pai, under the expert guidance of Lujan, was more than educational—it was a path to personal transformation. He shares the significant impact of the Lo Ban Pai Gravity series and Healing Practitioner Bodywork course, highlighting their roles in aligning mind and body for holistic well-being.

Understanding the Lo Ban Pai Bodywork System

The Lo Ban Pai bodywork system uniquely fuses ancient wisdom and modern healing techniques. This all-encompassing system combines movement, energy work, and profound spiritual insights to foster a holistic healing approach. Its design goes beyond therapeutic benefits, nurturing deep connections and heightened awareness for both practitioner and receiver.

Becoming Certified Healers in Lo Ban Pai

The Healing Practitioner Program distinguishes itself with a comprehensive training approach. It prepares students like Mark to become adept, certified healers in the Lo Ban Pai bodywork system. The program emphasizes practical, hands-on training, equipping practitioners with a deep understanding of the practice’s technical and spiritual aspects.

Lujan’s Inspirational Teaching Approach

Mark extols Lujan’s teaching style for its unique blend of depth and playfulness, creating an environment conducive to profound learning and spiritual exploration. This method not only aids in mastering skills but also deepens the understanding of the spiritual essence of bodywork.

Commitment to Continuous Growth

Mark’s ongoing practice and refinement of his skills post-training underscore the enduring nature of this learning journey. His dedication to applying and sharing Lo Ban Pai’s teachings demonstrates the system’s powerful transformative effect.

Invitation to a Life-Changing Experience

Mark’s experiences through both the Gravity Series and the Healing Practitioner Program underscore the life-altering potential of the Lo Ban Pai system. These programs present a unique chance for those aspiring to master a healing modality and embark on a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

Next Steps in Your Healing Journey

Are you interested in following this path and becoming a certified healer in the Lo Ban Pai system? The next session runs from May 20th to 31st, 2024. We recommend training in the Gravity Series and Opening the Tao as foundational steps towards this fulfilling journey as a certified healer.

Join us in this transformative venture and discover your potential within.

We are now accepting registrations for Lo Ban Pai with Lujan Matus both online and in Sedona, AZ.

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