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The quest for understanding, for purpose, and for inner peace is a journey undertaken by many, yet few find the solace they seek.

Yanna’s spiritual exploration is a testament to genuine guidance’s transformative power. Introduced to Lujan’s wisdom through heartfelt recommendations and his enlightening books, her life saw a paradigm shift.

Yanna vividly recalls a past marked by hidden unhappiness, a ceaseless search with myriad distractions. However, after her encounter with Lujan, a comforting embrace of the unknown became her sanctuary—a place to relish life’s simplicities and complexities.

Her engagement with Lujan’s teachings awakened a perennial question: Who am I? This question led her to a deeper understanding of our intrinsic nature.

As described by Yanna, Lujan’s aura is magnetic—a potent force field exuding love and acceptance. Under his influence, she felt as if the veils of delusion lifted, and she could perceive the world with a childlike innocence yet with profound clarity.

Lujan’s teachings are not just lessons; they are an experience. For Yanna, they were sessions of bliss, both physically and mentally taxing, yet replete with joy and enlightenment. The practices cleansed her, rejuvenated her spirit, and fortified her against the chaos of the external world. With each session, she became more grounded, resilient, and bathed in calm neutrality.

In her own words, Lujan encapsulates living truth, and everything she sought, she found in his serene presence. Her gratitude knows no bounds.

Yanna’s tale shines bright for those searching for light, guiding them toward a path of love, understanding, and peace. We invite you to watch the video below for a more profound, immersive experience of Yanna’s transformative journey.

There’s still time to join a class in 2023. We are now accepting registrations for Lo Ban Pai with Lujan Matus both online and in Sedona, AZ.

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