At Parallel Perception, we have the pleasure of sharing a unique and heartwarming service offered by our esteemed founder, Lujan Matus.

Ten years ago, Lujan became a certified reverend, and since then, he has brought together couples in the sacred bond of marriage.

This year, Lujan has had the joy of marrying three couples, one of which was the beautiful union of Justin and Fardau. It’s moments like these that add a layer of richness to the journey of self-discovery and transformation that Lo Ban Pai offers.

For Lujan, the act of marrying two souls is not just a ceremonial duty. It is an expression of love and a testament to the deep bond he shares with his students. Every wedding ceremony is an intimate experience that touches Lujan’s heart profoundly. The beauty of the moment and the love shared between the couple often move him to tears; so profound is the emotional resonance of these occasions.

At Parallel Perception, we believe in celebrating love in all its forms. That’s why Lujan offers wedding ceremonies as a complimentary service to students who attend training. It’s a unique opportunity for students to have their teacher, who has guided them on their spiritual journey, also counsel them as they embark on a new journey in their lives together.

For those interested in having Lujan officiate their wedding, we encourage you to let us know at the time of your booking. We will provide all the necessary practical information to make your special day a seamless and memorable experience.

As we celebrate the love of Justin and Fardau, we invite you to take a glimpse into their beautiful day through the photos we have shared. It’s a testament to the beauty that can be found in coming together, not just as a couple, but as a community united in support and love.

If you are seeking a wedding experience that is deeply personal, meaningful, and rooted in the spiritual principles of Lo Ban Pai, look no further than Reverend Lujan Matus. We are honored to be part of your love story and look forward to helping you celebrate your union in a way that is truly special and unique.

We are now accepting registrations for Lo Ban Pai with Lujan Matus both online and in Sedona, AZ.

To register, please visit the link below: