For years, we nurtured a vision: a clothing line that seamlessly blends style with profound spiritual significance.

Today, that vision comes to life. We are overjoyed to unveil this blend of aspiration and dedication. Whether you’re delving deep into your Lo Ban Pai practice, finding peace in meditation, or embarking on everyday adventures, our range harmonizes with every step of your spiritual journey.

Parallel Perception Collection: Each piece in this selection, from tees to sweatshirts, prominently features the iconic logo, melding contemporary style with profound depth.


The Hunab Ku Collection: Drawing inspiration from the universal symbol of Hunab Ku, this ensemble speaks of unity and cosmic harmony. Every item, from t-shirts to hoodies, resonates with the intertwined narrative of life.


Cosmic Dragon Series: By integrating modern aesthetics with the ageless symbol of wisdom and strength, this series stands as a beacon to the mystical. We feature this motif on select tees, sweatshirts, and distinct wall art pieces.


Golden Butterfly Range: Signifying transformation and perpetual evolution, the Golden Butterfly designs exude grace and ethereal beauty across a curated apparel selection.


Art and Conscious Living: Wall Art: Enhance your spaces with our handpicked collection, which includes the powerful Protection Dragon and the tranquil, meditative aura of the Cosmic Dragon, each piece resonating with inspiration and introspection.


Our Green Commitment: Sustainability remains our cornerstone. Each item, woven from organic cotton, epitomizes eco-conscious fashion. This pristine, chemical-free fabric is gentle on Earth and ensures that what you wear nurtures your physical and spiritual well-being. Our practices uphold an environmentally friendly ethos from the cotton fields to the plant-based packaging that arrives at your doorstep.

Dive into a collection where every piece doesn’t just showcase style but embodies values, celebrates spiritual journeys, and exemplifies a conscious dedication to the environment. Join us in embracing a harmonious union of fashion, sustainability, and spiritual resonance.

We greatly value your input and warmly invite you to share feedback on designs you’d love to see in future collections. Your insights shape our journey, and we’ll continue to evolve together.

Explore the depth of our designs and the spirit behind each piece. Click the link below to visit the Parallel Perception Designs website and view the full collection.