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Lujan Matus graced the 'Living with the Spirit' podcast with his presence

and as always, he provided a fountain of insights, shedding light on some familiar themes while introducing us to new facets of his teachings.

A Glimpse into the Conversation:

  1. The Dance of Energy: Lujan delved into the intricate patterns of energy that connect all of us. This segment had Lujan stressing the importance of recognizing these energies within us and how they play out in our interactions.
  2. Evolving through Observation: He emphasized that true evolution comes from introspective observation. It’s about perceiving the world without the filters of social conditioning and seeing reality as it is, which can be a powerful catalyst for change.
  3. The Nature of Reality: Lujan’s exploration into the nature of reality always captivates. He touched upon how perceptions shape our reality and how we can train ourselves to see beyond the obvious.
  4. Personal Anecdotes: As always, Lujan shared some personal experiences, often as parables, illuminating the path for seekers. These stories, rooted in simplicity, highlight profound truths about the human experience.
  5. Navigating the Modern World: Living in today’s fast-paced world with ancient wisdom can be challenging. Lujan provided guidance on how to merge these two worlds and walk in the modern age with the knowledge of the ancients.

For those who have walked alongside Lujan’s teachings for a while, this conversation reinforces what you already know and invites you to look beyond and journey deeper.

While this summary provides a glimpse into the conversation, it’s merely the tip of the iceberg. There’s a wealth of knowledge and understanding waiting to be uncovered in the entire podcast. We urge everyone, especially those who’ve been a part of the Parallel Perception journey, to watch the video and immerse themselves in Lujan Matus’s wisdom. It’s an opportunity to reconnect, rediscover, and rejuvenate your spiritual path.

Immerse yourself, and let Lujan’s insights resonate within you.

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