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Excerpted from Online Spiritual Guidance with Lujan Matus

In our ongoing quest to explore the deeper layers of existence and interconnectedness, here we share our latest video that delves into an understanding both profound and enlightening: The consciousness of Yeshua and its intrinsic tie to human connections.

The Essence of the Message

The very fabric of our universe is woven with the threads of connections. These threads are not just in the vastness of galaxies and stars but also in the very intimate chambers of our hearts and the feelings we share with those around us. To truly awaken to our purpose, we must first attune to these connections, these laws of nature and emotion.

Yet, in many ways, our society has made us feel isolated. We’re often made to believe we are small groups, separate from the world. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. Every individual, every family unit, is a nexus of energy that amplifies and ripples out into the wider world. The power we hold within is vast and can bring about transformative change when harnessed correctly.

The Role of Yeshua’s Consciousness

Central to this revelation is understanding the consciousness of Yeshua. This is not just about religious teachings or historical contexts but about the deep-rooted wisdom that calls for the opening of the heart. As we navigate life with an awakened heart, we realize its overpowering strength to the extent that external distractions begin to fade away. Everything then orbits around the heart’s truth.

How Do We Embrace This?

Start small. Begin with the household, with family. Understand, nurture, and strengthen these intimate connections. Soon, these connections radiate outward, touching souls far and wide. As the video elucidates, by nurturing the core – our families and ourselves – we can echo positivity and transformation outward.

Join The Exploration

For those ready to embark on this introspective journey, We invite you to watch the video. Your feedback, thoughts, and personal experiences are the lifeblood of this community. Please share them in the comments, and let’s continue this enriching dialogue.

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