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This application for the 2023 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Aerin. To support Aerin, please comment at the end of this post.

Blessed Evening.

I am called Aerin 🙏

My current situation is that I live in a bus with my three children and husband, all becoming teens and in their teens. We have been dwelling this way for two and a half years, and living on the road makes for challenges in the area of having the internet connection we need sometimes.

I’m forty-two years old and have been a bodyworker and student, and practitioner of healing arts for two decades. I have reached out to you, Lujan, at least twice and maybe three times in the last decade to inquire about how to work out some other reasonable arrangement for which to be capable to work with you. I’ve mentioned I feel my young son would benefit from and needs your guidance and teaching.

I could very much benefit from more practice which supports me in being calmer, more clear, more centered, and more at peace by and through learning to balance and direct my own energy better.

There’s a big change coming in my life, and I’m about to move from the States to Maui, where our family will be working to care for a garden property in exchange for living. This is very welcome and likely essential for my own health and that of my family.

Stress and worry and anger and fear have surged, and pain and challenge have accumulated. I admit I even need a new practice I can really love and pour my Self into. One which helps me cultivate greater centeredness, self-control, and inner peace.

Pray this is the opportunity called for in my Body~Mind, Being, and Life to support me in initiating necessary change and to start a new chapter of both inner and outer freedom.

You came through Hunab Ku thirteen years ago. Toltec dreaming and the hell I threw into the mouth of Qeutzacatl are becoming real*ized in the opportunity to work with you in overcoming fear and surrendering the polarization which have kept me stuck previously.

Blessed Be
And May it BE So 🙏


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