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I found Lujan Matus through browsing Amazon for Carlos Castaneda. I had been quite impacted by the works of Carlos Castaneda in my early twenties and was amazed to find this very same explanation of the real essence of Don Juan’s teachings, as some of the stories in the Castaneda books had left me quite bewildered. I wasn’t too drawn to the old sorcerers’ techniques but realized that this new formulation of what is essential in what we call shamanism put a lot of loose threads in place.

I find that Lujan emphasizes ethics in a way that stands out from most other spiritual teachings. He really conveys the importance of investigating our layers of motives and questioning assumptions.

Our path depends on our level of honesty with ourselves. His empathic entunement releases great blocks of insight into things that were out of reach. I also find that although he speaks from a totally different vantage point, he seems on a level as a human, not as distant as some spiritual teachers appear to me.

I find it very useful to have insights into Lujan’s own experience of himself and his function in this world, as this is a state that is totally foreign from the mind-based reality, and a unique reference point. I find that I have acted in a similar way in eschewing many social relations in favor of pursuing truth, which leads to a somewhat precarious position in my case, but I see that if I would put in the required energy, it will work for me.

I think Lujan’s insights into the nature of the death process are unique, as they stand out as living experience, and not just another theory from traditions. Through time his insights on this topic have become expanded, and I think I now see the picture pretty clearly. It makes me realize the essence of being on a soul journey and not really having any understanding of what to expect from life other than what I am in my heart.

In my life, interaction with Lujan has greatly strengthened my sense of self and brought into forefront the aspects of myself which are not socially relevant, and allowed my perception to more naturally focus in the direction of my composure as a spiritual being. The heart has been allowed to come into the forefront, and he has modeled how real communication functions.

I have only tried a few movements from Lo Ban Pai in the Online Spiritual Guidance, but they had a profound impact on my consciousness, so I know that this way of working with consciousness is very beneficial, although it is far away from what I would have expected. I believe that this type of work could release some stuff from my body that I have a hard time getting to otherwise. I think I have been on the cusp of realizing how much baggage was carried in the body and sensing the freedom of an unburdened body expressing in the world.

Thank you for all the light you bring in this world.


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