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Hello Parallel Perception and Community.

Out of the things I’ve learned from the works and teachings of Lujan, besides the numerous perceptual shifts and initial occurrences of the products of the techniques I have dabbled with. The perhaps most profound was a way to view and arrange the impact of the negative events in my life in a way to gain perspective on these occurrences and how they affected me. Then how to apply myself in relation to this and its products.

Gaining perspective then applying myself beneficially, which for me had the product of being most beneficial. It’s an ongoing endeavor with any luck, I’ll emerge victorious. My hopes are to see the circumstances through fruition unto completion as unscathed as possible and with as little residue remaining as one can be afforded.

Recently through the movements, I came to realize something relating to the shape of the structure, the body position of the movements. Seems to me that the alignment of the correct posture is something like plugging into the right frequency. I’ve noticed that from other disciplines though the correlation wasn’t as readily apparent till I arrived at that observation with Lo Ban Pai. Linking the stretch in the hands and feet and bringing it into the body. I have thoughts of adapting my yoga mantra of right breathe, right body, right mind to lo ban pai though it’s still in workshop.

At times during practice, I have moments of clarity where as my attention clears and what I need appears clear and distinct. Then the moment passes, and I return to my normal mind outside the brief instance of inspiration I had recently felt. Even now, often times they are simple and direct, though also profound and meaningful. In my attempts, hopefully, the wisdom sinks back into my body and energy.

I have a desire to continue learning and practicing Lo Ban Pai. I have an interest in the Iga and Pingala leading to the electro-magnetic centers in the brain. Lo ban pai seems to be a means of accessing and potentially re-awakening those dormant potentials. I had one such talent I am keenly interested in working with that has been repressed from the time of my childhood that I am anxious to experience again. Several years ago, I had an experience with the one on the right opening and closing, I have a curiosity concerning the one on the left.

With all my pursuit for understanding in qi gong energetic movement is a desire to experience and understand self-healing, greater health, and functioning of body. Leading back to the state of mind I held as a child, where my attention seemed to be pervaded by blue and cross hemisphere communication operated entirely differently. Not sure if this has some relation to “entering the left.”

I am a novice, a beginner with little knowledge of terminology or syntax for definitions. Filled with questions traversing a path towards answers in hopes of continuing the morphogenesis.

With gratitude and appreciation, thank you for reading.
The altar of perception sounds really nice.

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