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There is so much to say with regard to my life experiences as I have come to know the teachings and practices of Lujan Matus. The following is what has come to my presence in deep expression of living kindness from my heart.

One day in front of many people, I stood up and said, “My intent is to resolve my self-pity and self-importance.”

Upon reflection of that time in my life, I now realize that I had no idea of what I was truly embarking on. Naivety, at times, may be a blessing because we know not of the struggles we may ensue to achieve our undoing in favor of discovering who we truly are. In other words, facing the unknown of our personal healing.

I discovered Lujan Matus in an interview. As I listened to him talk, I was blown away by his intricacies of spiritual knowledge and how to live such in my daily life. This lead me to read The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.

My greatest takeaway from this book was his description of innocence. Innocence is like a person who enters the unknown with curiosity holding an empty cup to be filled with knowledge. The embracement of being an infant in face of the unknown.

There is no fear, simply curiosity with innocence. There are no limits to what a person may achieve when they themselves become the essence of innocence; all gateways are open and are unencumbered.

I learned through Lujan that to fully embrace knowing and being in the face of the unknown, one must embrace and practice not doing. In his book,  Whisperings of the Dragon, he provides methods of embracing not doing. To listen to what we cannot hear silences the mind talk with greater acute hearing of our environment. Also by looking at that which we cannot see and touch provides one with inward sight of our luminosity and all that it contains.

Every time that I engage with not doing in the way Lujan describes, my body smiles, and my heart sings, bringing about the expansion of heart awareness. I feel like who I truly am rather than who I should be.

“My heart beats in silence. I know my heart is within me even though I cannot hear its song. I listen for my heart’s song even though I cannot hear it.

My ears buzz with sounds previously unheard of my surroundings. The light gait of my footsteps. The brushing of my winter jacket sleeves upon my body. The various sounds of a building revealing its life of inanimate aliveness.

I focus inwardly on my navel to look at what I cannot see and touch. Feelings of sparkling energy abound on each side of my navel. Energy fibers move with the gait of my body. A smile forms upon my lips with the feeling of bodily joy. I am seeing and touching what I cannot see and touch.”

I feel devotion and humility with innocence towards the one who will be my master, Lujan Matus, within all realms of parallel dimensions, for he has given me the key to hear and see, and I want more of his guidance.


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