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Testimonial: Lo Ban Pai with Lujan Matus

My Dear Lujan,

I cannot find words to adequately describe the gratitude I have for the good fortune I’ve been gifted in being led to you. You, as a teacher, and Lo Ban Pai, as a practice of both movement and awareness, is an exquisitely faceted gem whose complex beauty continually unfolds to reveal ever-deepening reflections of my heart’s perceptions.

As I look back over the past three years since first meeting you, my understanding of my life’s purpose has undergone a continual sharpening of focus while simultaneously becoming simpler and simpler.

My doubts and clouds of delusion have vanished into the simple maxim of being my simple loving self. My striving for illusory goals has transformed to a patient assurance that what I am ready for will reveal itself at that time. Seemly obvious but so elusive in the cacophony of today’s world.

If I were to tell others what’s different about Lo Ban Pai and how you teach, it is that it is a living practice. Every book, every class, every day I do my movements is a new experience.

New vistas of consciousness open like flowers that were waiting for their time to bloom. No way to force or rush them before their time; just work the garden of my awareness diligently, always surprised by what appears anew.

Just yesterday, listening to your book The Power of Emptiness for the umpteenth time, a whole section of the first chapter revealed itself in a new light. I was dumbfounded that I’d never truly heard what I listened to so many times. Obviously, I was not able to hear it until that time.

My adult kids kinda laugh at me. “Dad, how many times you gonna listen to that book?

“I don’t know,” I say, and the truth is, I don’t.

I’ve taken the Gravity course three times now, and each class, like your books, has been a wholly new experience revealing to me what I was now prepared to see. To me, this is a living practice, responsive to the openness of my heart. Not rigid dogma that I try to contort myself to be in line with.

Lujan is a living teacher, showing us the living truth of what “being human” calls forth from us. As both a teacher and a person, Lujan responds with a level of love and care I’ve never experienced from anyone, but always in kind to the openness of my heart.

The consistency with which he “shows up” as his simple loving self is astounding. His willingness to share his treasures is directly responsive to my willingness to be transparent and fully loving to myself and others.

I always tell myself you will find Lujan in your heart. It never fails.

For those of you reading this who are seekers, stop and take a very close look. What may look like just another pretty rock is the most precious and exquisite of gems you will ever come upon. It lies hidden in plain sight, waiting for your heart’s eyes to see what, until then, could not be seen.

Thank You, Lujan. I Love You.

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