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Testimonial - The Gravity Series

I have been practicing different forms of Tai Chi for twenty years. What is most important to know with the Gravity Series is it straightens the lines of energy that I am. 

There are pools and rivers that I am. But because of who I think I am, the momentum of the past is what I am living with. Jagged and stagnant. This has been a large part of my life journey to understand and heal the situation that I was born into and inherited. 

The Gravity Series has been moving me out of the old and birthing my true self. The original midline that my body was born with at this moment is straight. The body and spirit’s unimpeded essence is found anew within the Gravity Form.

It is opening, beautiful, loving, and grounding. The essence of self-care and realization. It opens you to perceive the six directions, as you are living in this fragile moment, so close to any kind of death, with every full breath.

The Gravity Series opens what needs to be. The luminous cocoon; awareness itself.

It is a complete practice, and it is changing my life. I have now dropped all other Tai Chi forms and am only practicing the Gravity Series morning and evening.

This is not hyperbole. Words simply fall short of the experience the practice has given. I am so thankful that Lujan has given this teaching online. I live in Europe so going to see him to learn would be very difficult. 

I am ecstatic to sign up for Opening the Tao in August to continue my learning with the treasure that Lujan brings us.  

Humblest regards and gratitude for sharing yourself with us.



The next Online Opening the Tao Program starts on July 2nd and is ideal as an introduction to Lujan’s teachings and for those who are unable to attend private tuition or group workshops in person.

We are presenting this program on Saturdays at 12 noon Arizona time.

These classes will allow new students to experience Lujan’s teachings on a more intimate level. They are also an excellent opportunity for current students to gain a deeper understanding and fine-tune their practice. 

The sessions take place via Zoom video conferencing. If you would like to be involved in the next online group Opening the Tao program please register via the link at the bottom of this page.

While the group course provides some opportunity to ask individual questions, private tuition is also available for those of you who prefer a more personalized approach.

All of the Lo Ban Pai programs are also now available online in a small group format, which allows students to undertake the classes according to their schedule.  Please contact us for more information.

We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Lo Ban Pai Opening the Tao program commencing on July 2nd, 2022.

Please register via the link below:

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