Testimonial: Online Spiritual Guidance

Before I share the feeling of these two classes, I want to share one experience produced when I was reading the chapter “Morphogenesis” in the book The Power of Emptiness to recommend this magical book to you.

 I crawl back in bed in the morning and try to use the technique described in the book. A little while longer, the noisy road cleaning machine outside the house woke me up.  I feel like I’m in my old house rather than the place where I started sleeping. I was confused. 

Another confusing thing is that the noise came from the wrong direction. I’ve heard that noisy machine many times, and it always comes from the right. This time it came from the left. 

I remembered I didn’t have my head at the end of the bed. And the noise was too loud.  I remembered I already wore the earplugs. Did they fall off? I touched them using my left hand, and it feels normal, and they hadn’t fallen off. 

When confusion accumulated, I suddenly realized that I was watching myself simultaneously as I was moving my left hand. I float above another me face-to-face. That’s why the noise comes from the left side. Once I realized this, I began falling on the bed landing next to myself –  face-to-face. One of me smiled, and I smiled, too.

In the first online class, I am very certain that my heart chakra has been communicating with Lujan and everyone all the time.  I watched everyone and listened to their questions and Lujan’s answers.

My discernment had been enhanced, and I began to understand many things that troubled me before. The most shocking realization of those understanding is that it seems like I hear Lujan’s voice talking to me through the inside of my heart chakra and that I always blame myself. I didn’t realize this until I was in class.

And I figured out why sometimes I blame others. The answer is that I or some ghosts surreptitiously blame myself. This violates the principle of “harm no one, nor have them harmed” described in the book The Power of Emptiness. This principle includes oneself.

I didn’t ask any questions in the first class because my ability to use English was not enough to communicate verbally. Even this testimonial is written with a translator. 

But I know for sure that everyone’s questions in the classes were mine also. And Lujan’s answers to them is to me also. The whole group was tuned to a state of enhanced mutual infusion and mutual assistance.

In the second class, I didn’t hear the heart chakra communication in real-time, because one of my imprints was activated. That imprint embedded in my childhood contains lots of shame and embarrassment. I was forcibly surrounded by uncomfortable emotions, and I thought I disconnected from the group until Lujan called my name to confirm one of my questions.

After class, I slept into a dream scene. Inside the scene, Lujan and many classmates are taking activities in a square-like place. At some point, I left the square to deal with my own affairs, and a while later I heard Lujan calling me.

Then something happened next that I can’t totally recall because it was beyond my comprehension. I remember when the dream scene almost finished, Lujan laughed at me for sleeping too much, and then I asked him a question about alien races.

What I want to confirm to you is that what happened in the classes is multidimensional and full of benefit.

Best wishes,

Fish (Zongqiang)

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