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Testimonial - Gravity Series Online Program

Hi Lujan,

I want to say that the online series has been incredibly powerful, and despite the online format, one of the most potent transmissions of my life.

I can understand why you’d want to teach people face to face and to do so with you is one of my life’s greatest wishes, but being in Australia it’s untenable at the moment.

I hope you do more online programs in the future as it’s been the most clarifying weeks of inner work, pointing me in the direction of locating and building my center.

Truly to see the distant focal point moving and to feel my dantien jumping around has been a great affirmation of the gravity series’ power, and your ability to transmit despite the forum on the internet.

Thanks for your patience with everyone, your time, and efforts. Well wishes.


We are now accepting registrations for Lo Ban Pai training in 2022 – online and in Sedona, AZ. Programs available in the near future with small groups of 4-5 students include:

The Gravity Series – March 7th-11th (Sedona)

Opening the Tao – March 14th-18th (Sedona)

The Gravity Series – March 21st-25th (Online)

Dragon’s Tears – April 4th-15th (Sedona)

Please register via the link below: