The Power of Emptiness is a sequence of transformative teachings from Lujan Matus,

relayed through the story of the Mango Grove Master. As this wise Old Sage gently but persistently guides his disciples through youth into adulthood, we too are accompanied upon our path.

The vivid metaphors contained within this journey deliver profound understandings of the responsibilities we carry by Being; how Knowing can be transformed into Not-Doing; and how we can awaken to the true extent of our inextricable relationship with the Unknown.

The way these extraordinary perceptual resources integrate and overlay one’s witnessing is nothing short of catalytic. Even time itself is miraculously transformed by these fluid revelations that nestle within one’s awareness and subsequently emerge in resonant response to what reality brings to the forefront.

Through this rare quality of infusion, elusive subtleties within everyday encounters begin to blossom, all around, as indications of how to participate whole-heartedly in all of our unique circumstances. Herein lies our most precious opportunity: to meet the world with transparency, gratitude, and sincere devotion.

The significance of this wisdom is impossible to quantify, for it expands in scope as one grows. Without glossing over the raw truth of how perilous the alternatives are, Lujan offers genuine techniques of empowerment that can be immediately applied.

From unraveling the rifts in our most intimate relationships to understanding how every gesture we make reverberates with immense repercussions, we become increasingly conscious that Emptiness is not an abstraction but an evolutionary imperative of utmost urgency.

Speaking directly to the awareness that exists beyond motive, Lujan asks us to be no less than our beautiful, simple, loving selves so as to realize our true potential and embrace this sacred opportunity to become who we are really meant to be.

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