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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

I have been reading Lujan’s books since 2012. From the moment a dear friend gifted me The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, I felt an appreciation in my heart to the devotional path that my life’s journey had been guiding me to.

In 2012, after a dream, I had a sense that I should begin the process of learning to work with my energy body, with foundational practices grounded in high morals and ethics. I was seeing all the pitfalls to how my awareness would collapse in certain situations at home and while communing with others.

After six years of marinating in all of Lujan’s books and getting clarity on my intentions, I applied for the online tuition with Lujan. From the very first interaction, I felt welcomed and heard. I shared my vulnerabilities with Lujan and he reflected back to me truth. In lovingly confronting ways and through lots of belly laughs, I relaxed in the knowing that all fear dissolves, when I bathe in the power of silence and integrity.

Lujan helped me see the depth of how and why my awareness becomes trapped and what I needed to bear witness to, without action on my part. The being, knowing, not doing/doing, and being that he so gracefully teaches, is at the heart of what I needed to hear. The subtlety of that process was conveyed through stories that really helped me learn the way I needed to. I am very simple and Lujan seemed to really understand this, without any sharing on my part. The visualizations and felt sense in my heart during those stories gifted me with more insights than I could have ever imagined. I began to see all the ways in which I may be compromising and even betraying myself in ways that are no longer serving my soul or the beloved other.

Lujan’s video, the Mantra of Life, was an invaluable teaching and reminder on what empathic communion can be and inspired me. As the weeks passed, I was gifted with dreams and revelations that left me feeling a sense of deep devotion, gratitude, and reverence. I have been especially mindful of tracking the seeing and allowing insights to come but not to get trapped in the spiritual materialism that needs to be validated or wants recognition.

I now understand how sacred these insights are and how to honor them, ethically, so that they are released and carried into the larger field, with love. What I see, I let go of. I can remain steady, eat the sins of the world, and allow them to wash over me, like a much-needed bath. All experiences are a gift. Who am I? I am responsible, accountable and this personal power comes with great responsibility.

Thank you to the nagual, Lujan Matus, for the countless stories that have allowed my “self” to empty, empty, and empty again. This “I” wishes to receive all experiences that find their way to my heart and serve. Life is sacred. Love is my nature. May I continue to be of service in this capacity for all the years of my life. I am devoted to our beautiful blue planet, to the highest density. Love is all.

Lynda Marie

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