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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

Lujan, my dearest Teacher.

I was always struggling to write a review. There was always a pressure. To do it right. Fear of doing it bad. And lots of – I wanna say  – bullshit.

Also when I met you, there was so much pressure so much that I can’t see, that I didn’t want to see, where I was not able and not willing to see it, to feel it, to express it, to give them space.

My whole story, my picture of myself, my pain, my suffering. There was a lot of it. But all of it was right, I learned.

You helped me awaken deeper parts of myself, with the movements, with your love, with your kindness and patience. And with your books.

I listened again and again to your books. It often seems to me, the English is the problem. Often it was exhausting to integrate it.

The shift happened from the beginning on, but I could not see it.

Now. I listen to your voice, I read your books and there is a new understanding. It’s like, I can feel, I can see from where your words are coming. From your emptiness. From your loving heart. From your essence. From my essence.

I Shifted, so I began to see.

I listen to the birds, and I smile. I love myself. I love! To be here, to be me.

It started with the beginning of the end of my social self. Now is the beginning of the new. The constantly new moment.

I’m so excited for my day. Every day is a new life. Every moment is new. So much joy, lightness, peace, love. No resistance.

I’m so grateful. Full of humbleness. Full of emptiness.

Lujan. How can I say, what I feel?
I’m vibrating.
Thank you, Lujan.
See you!

Lots of love to everyone who is reading this. It’s here right now. Breathe it in.

Much love and kisses and hugs to you.


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