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Every single person has the capacity, through being silent of mind, and totally openly witnessing the circumstance in front of them, to have access to alternate timelines, which is them. This is the circumstance inter-dimensionally cascading through the human awareness to other dimensions and then reappearing back in the linear timeline that they exist in. This is happening all the time.

Just say that somebody has a wonderful experience and a deep wisdom and they come to a group and everybody is aware that when this person speaks, they begin to see visual imagery in front of their eyes –  inside of their inner mind – which is actually outside of them and produced by the story that the person is telling. As the person tells the story and their realization and the power that they came to through that seeing, then everybody in the room has comparative insights in relation to their state of awareness that is communally shared.

This is very powerful because once a statement is made and once a word is heard from one individual that has personal power, every individual in that room hears the same message in a way that reinforces it like a different flower. Each of them sings the same frequency but from their own perspective in terms of understanding that truth and harmoniously walking out of that communion.

As that occurs the most amazing thing that modern man has to come to terms with is that if he can shut off his internal dialog and stop talking to himself and stop having this very selective perspective, which is nagging at him or her all the time, then the heart opens up.

Then the light of someone’s intuitive input – even if they are just standing and looking at you – you are aware that they are having an insight because you have an insight because they are. This insight travels inside of you and because you don’t have this big slamming door which is called your internal dialog stopping it from entering your heart, if you are open it will go into your heart and then become inter-dimensionally interdispersed.

As it does so it gains gravity because it goes through the third and fourth-dimensional axis into a fifth-dimensional time-space continuum which has way more power. As it rotates out of your dimensional matrix into the person that you are gazing at it gains more gravity, so we gain more power.

This is what has been stopped in all of our communications as human beings because we’ve been taught to talk about each other, we’ve been taught to talk to ourselves, we’ve been taught to listen to a radio and to watch tv, instead of listening to the person that is right in front of us giving us the most profound message that ever could be given, because that is the only position that we’ve got in our time-space continuum that’s of utmost importance – the person right in front of you that’s actually listening to you and waiting to hear what you’ve got to say. And if you’ve got nothing to say then your beingness supports in its rightful position where it should be.

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