Oracle of the Heart: Whisperings of Wisdom for Daily Reflection

The audiobook version of Oracle of the Heart is now available.

This book is a collection of sayings, quotes, and nuggets of wisdom extracted from the literary works and workshops of Lujan Matus.

The purpose of an oracle is to openly reveal information within the reservoirs of one’s own inspiration. Trust yourself to respond to the mechanisms of no mind that will arise through the process of your heartfelt feelings coming upon you.

Engaging within this reflective mirror will unveil the clarity of your life path within your daily practices of sincerity.

The Oracle can be consulted diligently on a regular basis or whenever you feel the need to explore.

Review from a reader:

A practical daily ally to keep me on track, a guide to soul care.

The words of this gentlest of persons has taken me to new heights in my understandings of my reality, increase of my personal joy, reduction of unnecessary negative imaginations.

Colors touch me more deeply now, music and nature sounds caress my heart fully.

Start reading and learn what not to be bothered with, and what is very important.