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Testimonial – The Gravity Series

I wanted to write a testimonial to my impressions of the Gravity Series while they are still fresh; I’m on my flight home.

To give you a point of reference, I am of the intellectual bent. In other words, thinking is my go to. I came upon Lujan’s books pretty much by chance back in June…..haha. I read all of them more than once and as the day approached for the class to begin I felt myself being filled with trepidation.

I, full of ideas, was walking into, an abyss where all I thought I knew was but the baggage of my bias. My internal compass stopped working being faced squarely with the present moment, with the undeniable truth of who I am, and who I am not.

His heart brimming with love, a smile on his face, an infectious disarming laugh, Lujan fiercely refuses to accept the false parts of you who arrive within him. You find yourself looking into a mirror that cannot lie, but does not judge. That will not allow for the smallest falsehood to survive, but loves you unconditionally, ass he continually reminds us we are all part of ONE HEART.

He feels our feelings, sees through our self-generated lies, feels our connection to spirit even before we do. With the attempts of transformation to becoming who you can be, in reality already are, arises a rapture from within. And all the while, the person (Lujan) who is this mirror, is really nobody special. Your big brother’s best friend, full of jokes, stories, movie references and gentle ribbing.

You feel utterly at ease in the presence of the ubiquitous enormity of the eternal moment, drinking the nectar of its arrival. Like two tuning forks you begin to resonate on this omnipresent frequency.

And then there are the movements of Lo Ban Pai, so fluid, so simple, and yet you feel like you’re learning to walk all over again. You leave class at the end of the day fully saturated and strangely unable to recall certain specifics that at the time felt like keys to the kingdom. Your mind struggles to navigate that which it is unable to penetrate: the domain of the heart.

This particular aspect struck me more in the days after the class ended than while I was in the midst of the moment. In class you could only be in the moment and leave transformed by what was awakened in your heart. I’ve been going to bed early, impatiently looking forward to my next chance to practice Lo Ban Pai in the early morning dusk and through my clumsy attempts at perfecting the exquisitely fluid movements, feel the joy rise from within.

We have already arrived, we just need to accept that who we THINK we are, is who we are NOT. Thank you Lujan for the integrity and perseverance to hold this place, while you wait for us. And thank you Mizpah for your equal devotion to creating such an amazing venue.

I have searched the spiritual world for 40 plus years and have never found anything to even remotely equal to the profound connection to such a heart-centric reality as Lo Ban Pai. Lujan utterly transforms our consciousness by steadfastly refusing to compromise his…while simultaneously being nothing and nobody. It is the most unique, unassuming and yet powerful work I have ever encountered.


The Gravity Series will next be offered from March 23rd-27th and May 18th-22nd in Sedona, AZ.

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