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Excerpted from Who Am ?: An In-Depth Guide To Empathic Communion by Lujan Matus.


Looking through the corridors of my innermost feelings, I realize that what I was always searching for was love and affection, compassion and deep communion. My destiny as a human being has led me to seek these precious elixirs throughout my entire life.

In reality, what I was truly looking for within others was what was continually available within myself. But, as we all know, what we possess within is challenged by the arduous journey we are confronted with. For if we look at it realistically, nobody’s life is perfect, and this within itself is the greatest gift that has ever been bestowed upon us.

What I really mean by this is that we are all beset by challenges that test the original feelings that deeply abide within us, as beings that are perfect right from the very beginning. The gift of these trials and tribulations is to humble us upon our path.

Herewithin, I will relay the story of the last meeting I had with my father and how this event irreversibly impacted my life as a seer. My interaction in childhood with him was troubled and disturbingly disharmonious. We were never connected on the level of feeling and unfortunately remained estranged for the duration of his life. What I am to recount here is where our relationship truly begins, even though this new chapter began after his death.

I will attempt to convey everything that was imparted via his last intention, which was a gesture to resolve the power he was unable to obtain during his own lifetime. Via this unexpected contact, he initiated a continuum of deep realization within me, and finally, the true connection between father and son occurred.

As I personally acknowledge the impact of this meeting, I look back in my present moment at my life and realize that everything that is done can never really be undone. For in essence, every circumstance that exists within our capacity to act has always woven within it subtle regrets. Growth always pinpoints what could have been and what should have been, even though it is just the way it is; and upon reflection that is all that matters.
Within that mirror image of our retrospective journey, subtleties that are meant to be seen are delivered to us. That which may have been overlooked arises to be reviewed and through this renewed viewpoint we discover where the power of our journey truly resides.

These fragments of my story will prompt memories of your own odyssey to lift the burden that besets the wisdom of your eyes, which is the fire of your own true realizations revealing the light upon your path.

It has been my fortune to be witness to the final passage of some significant people within my life, which were mere glimpses into a world that contains so many complexities yet to be unveiled. Within the scope of such visitations, one can obtain luminous fragments that leave a feeling that conveys the true content of that momentary contact.

When you honestly look at this, isn’t this what happens with a passer-by? Are we awake enough to be revealed to the vision that is our life witnessing itself? And is not the end moment the continuum that enlightens one’s inner being as a consequence?

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