The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception – Tenth Anniversary Edition

Ten years since its original publication, the revised edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception contains a treasure trove of new information that clarifies and expands upon central themes, presenting this timeless shamanic wisdom in a more accessible format.

We are introduced to the intricacies of seemingly indescribable interdimensional processes related to seeing, third-eye perception and the cyclic nature of time, as it exists within parallel continuums. These descriptions trigger realizations that allow the light of clear perception to come streaming in.

This is more than a chronicle of someone else’s journey. It is an invitation to fully engage with your own. Via an empowering sequence of events and conversations with enigmatic seers, we are introduced to the mechanisms and subtleties of the most elusive subjects pertaining to our human dilemma and reminded of the expanded possibilities that we have lost sight of on the long road of human socialization.

By deftly weaving the luminous strands of our heart’s remembrance, Lujan reaches into our deepest reservoirs of consciousness and reminds us where we truly stand. Our living tapestry is alive and continuously unfolding, just as the holographic mystery of our existence is evolving in ways that cannot be anticipated, and which come to light differently for each of us.