I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement that I was chosen for the scholarship for tuition this year!

Thank you so much for choosing me, and I’m so looking forward to this experience! Thank you for this opportunity to grow and expand and center and ground in a beautiful practice that’s called my heart.

I want to send my gratitude to all who participated in this application process. I hope that each one of you gets what is needed on your heart walk and that stepping out and just applying to this sends you many blessings. It’s so wonderful to even go back over and re-listen to some of the applications.

In my process of deconstructing my dogmatic religious tradition that I grew up in I felt very lonely, but hearing all of your videos has helped me to feel less lonely or see that there are more people out there that seek the same thing as me.

Grace and love to all of you,

Here is a poem in honor of our teacher Lujan.

When the ripples cease.
When the sounds that surround
Shapeshifter into clarity.
When vision becomes acute,
And the sea shows her shells.
When the mind’s chatter
Transforms into breath.


As the eyes move inward
Into the movement of the feet,
Into the gestures of the hands,
Into the way of the heart.
As the ears move outward
Away from future,
Away from past,
Away from thought,
And into the sacred heart.
Listen to the singing brook.
The falling water that finds
It’s proper place in gravity’s arms,
Reclaiming it’s place as the lowest.
Never the least, yet always the servant.
Springing from the ground, offering life,
And following the instinctual path,
Drawn to the center.
All things rely on it,
And it boasts to no one.
It sustains all life,
And lords it over none.
It makes no effort in its action,
And calls all into


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