This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Marcus. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Marcus please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

It’s with a sublime joy and a silent gravity that I prepare this letter. Taking care of noticing the subtle pressures upon my energy field that seem to be constantly enacting upon this doing not-doing. Without becoming lost in self-importance, I become aware of what may be subduing the essence of what I hope to share here in this.

Over the years I have drawn from Lujan’s quotes and like a good student will enjoy weaving them in here.

Firstly it is with heartfelt gratitude, having been able to absorb what I have, in the few years I have been exposed (audiobooks) to the lineage of these teachings. I sit reflecting upon the living affirmation which is the necessity for the return of our primal awareness. This I was able to partially absorb from Eight Gates of Dreaming as shared in Whisperings of the Dragon.

Primal awareness, heightened, vital, and tranquilly acknowledging the primary dangers. One of them now, the modern day predator, that which preys upon humanities true sovereignty.

“We must become aware the obvious is not our strength, what escapes us is where true wisdom abides”

Not to be lost in the fear, I find sometimes I become consumed in the warring of us and them, as I fear for my safety. I fear for the safety of the planet and for all who are struggling for their freedom. I hope to grow stronger and clearer in understanding the teachings of a warriors attention.

“Give of yourself, except that which weakens you. Accept what is given, but not that which compromises.”

I first came upon Lujan’s teachings, while trying to understand how I had been fooled. I was working sitting in local ayahuasca ceremonies, I had come to understand that there were many energies posing as the truth, subversively competing for attention. I realized it seemed everybody else was under a spell, as these energies became aware of me, I became a target and became more vulnerable to them.

Lujan’s teachings through Shadows in the Twilight came at a miraculous time to affirm I was not crazy and there was acknowledgment of what I sensed was happening. It was then I realized that even my dreams were being waylaid, and I became more aware of what is operating in the shadows.

In the years to come I would make earnest mistakes, at times almost losing sight of my hearts path. I put together more of the pieces and grew stronger with the help of ancestor work and lineages of plant teachings helped me to understand what I was seeing.

It is with a gravity of seriousness, and through my experience, that some traditions and teachers may have already become infilitrated, others lost, and others at risk.

It seems to be my understanding that there are many ancestors and energy groups working to help protect our sovereign awareness, our true heritage as human beings, dreamers. I apply for this scholarship in hopes of being connected to more family that have come to serve this purpose. I wish to be more deeply connected to the source of what I believe are a precious jewels of teachings that I have not been able to find elsewhere.

“The old Oriental shamans had a much different view when they recalled the movements of kung fu.”

I have tried to piece together what the ancient understandings of peace and war and beyond might have been. The martial philosophy and movement has always been fascinating to me but I have not been able to find someone to learn from.

As someone of Chinese descent, I am constantly fascinated by master Lo Ban Pai and wonder if the teachings I have been seeking lay woven timeless there. It troubles me as to why I cannot find anyone else outwardly teaching this. My guess is that they remain hidden and invisible.

I have been able to absorb a little of what Lujan means by spiral energetics. These movements which I’ve had to imagine up till now seem to strengthen the vulnerability towards that which subdues our inner silence and clear seeing.

Lujan mentioned he believes it is time now, and that more and more people are ready. I am ready, and want to be in service to those who are awakening. I am also in need of guidance.

“…just by standing in our integrity, we help others become aware of this…” (paraphrase)

“…and this is how we can serve, by leveraging our positions as seers in the world…” (paraphrase)










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