This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Craig. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Craig please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

What can I say about what I have learned from Lujan Matus? I first discovered him years ago in a documentary and subsequently obtained and read all his books. In these transformative vessels of information, I learned much that felt essentially natural to me, and what did not has profoundly affected my growth and transformation over the years as well. I have reread most of them several times, and with each encounter, there is something new that I pick up on. These books are a true treasure!

After just recently completing my allotted time speaking to Lujan on the Online Spiritual Guidance program, I can honestly say that the magic of Lujan even merely through conversation half the world away is the most beautiful thing I have ever encountered. Speaking with Lujan immediately put me in a state of gratitude and reverence that is a most elusive state in normal day to day circumstances.

I remember before the first session being very anxious and worried that he would see to my core and see me as unworthy or be disappointed on any other nonsense my socially imprinted guilt could throw into my mind. Lujan quickly dispelled these feelings even just by the tone and sound of his voice. What I encountered over those weeks were the most heartfelt, honest, and enlightening conversations I have ever had, it was also a wonderfully great time! I have sincerely missed him since the program concluded.

Everything we spoke of was exactly what needed to be spoken and heard, I am still peeling more layers off this multilayered onion of understanding that arrives and deepens through daily life. I am truly forever grateful for that magical verbal encounter! Lujan spoke of self-regulation in terms of not crucifying another, finding your lowest common denominator to move your perception, false compassion and empathy. Being, knowing, not doing, and returning to being. Forgiving others for they know not what they do, to not judge and do no harm. To not judge or harm those that would crucify you.

“As I am, so are others. As others are, so am I; having thus identified self and others. Harm no one nor have them harmed.”.

These little morsels of our conversations have made my perception shift greatly in day to day life, whereas before I had started to feel as if I was being swallowed by a whirlpool and being dragged down. The Online Spiritual Guidance Program has been the most profound, transformative and meaningful thing I have ever experienced.

While Lujan was teaching me some techniques, I was, and am still awestruck by his empathic ability. While in a state of communion, speaking the feelings that were arising within my body at the exact moment of their arrival! What magic!

It seems so natural, all of it, yet so mysterious and magical! I know we are all capable of this, communicating with one another through our mindfulness, our emptiness, our sincerity, with an unencumbered heart, free of judgment and the socially embedded script. What a wonderful existence could be had should we all awaken to our true nature!

Unfortunately, I am greedy, and I want more! Damn it, Lujan, you have whet my appetite and I am hungry for more! I was extremely excited to see that you will be coming to the US, as the airfare for your other workshops had been too much for me to financially work out.

I feel this opportunity cannot be missed. I am grateful for all that you have already given to me, but the thought of meeting you in person and learning from you firsthand is something I cannot pass up given the circumstances. May your teachings reach all the corners of the world and illuminate those that may serve as candles to light 1,000 more!

Lots of love,







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