This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Breah. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Breah please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake, that are so eloquently delineated in Whisperings of The Dragon, offered to me an tangible opening…
a doorway…
a point of re-entry…
an opportunity for arrival…

And as I stepped forth unto the threshold of these teachings I became instantaneously amalgamated into a current of potent self-realization. This state of inner realization flooded through my subtle body awareness, washing me clean of myself and shifting my attention to a new point of assemblage within the fluid escape of each moment as it passes.

From this new perceptual vantage point, I have gained the ability to see into ancient teachings of my past that transcend linearity of time as was able to understand. I have re-assimilated alternate timeline particles within my luminous field that have bolstered the very fabric of my existence.

Lujan’s books came to me through a graceful unknowing, and the rapture of what I found through their discovery is beyond what can be annotated or described. I found myself buried there, within the subtext of what was written, waiting in darkness to arrive, and as I progressed from book to book the limitless fractals of that primordial dream state awoke memories within me that emerged from the depths of my soul.

Lujan’s transmissions came through to me as an unspoken whisper, beckoning remembrance and attunement with the silent song sung within the torrential unbecoming’s of myself. The message imparted through the unspoken teachings bore the very seed of my re-emergence, and it is from within this seed that my personal legend now blossoms and I endeavor to face the light of my own truths.

I am fatefully entangled in the teaching ‘s of Lujan Matus, and the synchronicity and magnetism that surround the circumstances of this discovery only serve to draw me closer to the study of Lo Ban Pai.

Within months of reading the first of Lujan’s books – The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception – my family and I made the decision to move across the country in a gesture of commitment towards following the furthest reaches of our life’s path. Even though we have minimal material resources through which to make this move happen (logistically), we felt an undeniable pulling of heart towards Sedona, AZ where the earth is rich, powerful, and alive.

The decision to move has been a pivotal point of transition for me, through which I am shedding a long term pre-occupation of working in medical insurance billing, and committing myself instead into a full creative embodiment as a medium of clay & ceramics. Within a few short months I have read and re- read Lujan’s books and it was a few days ago that I discovered Lujan will also be in Sedona, teaching Lo Ban Pai only a month after my family and I are scheduled to move there. This liquid confirmation of right place right time brings me to write this, in advocacy of following my personal legend to meet and study under the benefactor of a lineage I feel I had forgotten.

I am humbled before this opportunity, that has seemingly arisen to meet me and I feel within the full expression of my heart as I reach out to a community of peers to hear my story and read beyond the lines of my written word. To study Lo Ban Pai with Lujan would be to embody the complete nature of his teachings, which would allow me to strengthen and reinforce a pure connection to that which has laid dormant and now stirs in the silent awakening of empathic sight.

Lo Ban Pai is calling me home.

As a warrior of light I wield Integrity and fortitude against the bondage of myself and others through the social idioms that seek to ensnare, and in this pursuit, Lujan has offered direction by way of a living example. His guidance led me through the etheric maze of my own limitations, to roam free once more in the forgotten channels of the heart. I am pressed within a deep and enduring gratitude, to endeavor further into the immersive teachings of Lo Ban Pai which seemingly pull at my both my spirit and my material, in ways unbeknownst to me.

This etheric tug of the heart calls on me to be fully present and patient in awaiting the next stages of its unfolding, and I hold faith that in disclosing the unscripted musings of my heart with full transparency that I have done all that I can do to arise to meet myself within the full potential of the lessons that beg understanding and application.

With BIG Heart

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