This application for the 2019 Parallel Perception Scholarship was submitted by Elisheba. This year the recipient will receive either attendance at the Gravity Series Workshop or participation in the Online Spiritual Guidance program. If you would like to offer your support for Elisheba please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

When I was seven years old my parents would take our family on vacation by the sea. I often found my mind wandering as I became mesmerized and hypnotized by the late day sun rays filtering through the clouds. All I can remember was this magnetic, energetic magnetic spiritual sensation streaming through my body. I would stare at the sky endlessly until eventually, the clouds would cover the sun completely which inevitably was the reason it took for me to stop staring up at the sky and feeling these powerful rays.

A few years later at age ten another unexplained reoccurring experience I recall was driving home after dusk and getting out of the car and being automatically drawn to looking up at the dark night sky. I would become overwhelmed and a bit frightened with the vastness and energy of what the endless night sky had to offer. Always fascinated by the stars sun and the moon yet frightened by its power I would run to the house before the night sky had a chance to pull me up and take me away from my family.

Eventually, these energies transferred from fears to having a sense of intuition like a strong physical/sensory vibration when around people. Sometimes empathetic but also sometimes uneasy uncomfortable vibration around certain others. As years passed I grew up and became a registered nurse and was able to channel these heart felt energies into a healing art to help others. A practicing traditional medical nurse for many years I transitioned into the promotion of wellness before chronic illness sets in.

My deep love of outdoors and nature has brought an entire new level of closeness and understanding to the world we live in. Nature is an amazing teacher. I’ve always been aware of these energies but never able to develop them to the next level. I need help now to fully understand their teachings. I’ve been to Sedona and have visited the vortexes not to practice spirituality but to be spiritual. It all felt like I was soaking up gold. A very unique energetic field resides here.

What I’ve learned so far is the end game is not to become a good Buddhist but become buddha. My yoga sessions are not to be a good meditator but to end up free. The teaching is not to end up loving but to become love.

I wake up each day and say out loud “It’s a perfect day” and it usually is as long as I stay present in the moment of now. After all, define perfect? Seeing everything exactly as it is with a daily practice of non-attachment and letting go suffering is eliminated.

I’ve been following Lujan on facebook and email, I’ve watched his movie and as of recently saw this opportunity to meet him in person on the sacred ground of Sedona which automatically sent chills up and down my spine. When I reviewed the cost I put it aside. The interesting phenomena came a few days later via e-mail sent out to the general email to the public from Lujan about a scholarship opportunity which prompted me to continue this journey and write this essay.

I live on the east coast so the expense of travel, lodging, plus the tuition would be too expensive. Receiving help via scholarship for the Gravity Series would be so helpful. I’m at the point of this life, ready to expand, share with others, broaden my spirit, and better understand all these energies which live within. I want to learn the messages and teachings from a master who connects with these energies and who can help bring unity, peace love and a greater sense of our being-ness to the here and now.

The Universe needs lots of helpers but we must first learn how to open up and learn how to share and reach others. I believe Lujan can. This essay will be one of many, even if this is not accepted for consideration, please know it was a pleasure sharing my energies with you Lujan and I wish you continued great energy, filled with peace, unity, and love as you continue to inspire the world. I’m ready!

Thank you Lujan.






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