Video Description

Whispering Palms is a signature form that transmits the fundamental esoteric keys for the entire movement family of Lo Ban Pai.

It is a very deep energy cultivation practice that establishes a strong foundation for martial forms.

This program integrates meditative awareness, opening the electromagnetic force to rise through the physical form and awakening the essence of one’s internal power.

Whispering Palms utilizes rotational postures, which stabilize the central force through the alignment of the energy centers: the lower, middle and upper dantiens. The mystery of Lo Ban Pai becomes increasingly palpable as a conscious kinesthetic experience via the movements.

This powerful sequence enhances the perception of magnetism emanating from the hands, which boosts the capacity to collect and store chi. The heightened awareness of electromagnetic connectivity promotes the ability to align with a deep reservoir of sincerity within the self, which fosters the elusive state of communion with spirit.