In loving memory of my dear friend, Nyoman Suma: 1973-2018

Suma was a very beautiful man. He loved me dearly and I too loved him. A week ago I felt and today I knew that his time was coming to a close on this planet.

I have dedicated the book "Who Am I?" to him in profound gratitude for his support and friendship while I was in Bali. At the moment he died he came into our home and filled us with tears and gratitude for the time we spent together. His family wrote to us and we soon learned that was the moment of his passing.

I would like to say to everybody that the world is a mystery, yet that mystery unfolds itself if we are open enough to receive. Love is a gateway and the only one that matters.

I love you Suma.

Please click on the video below and listen. He is still here with me, so you can say goodbye.

We love you Suma.

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