Dear Lujan,

I want to express my gratitude to you so much, but the expression of it through words is difficult. When your teachings first came to me two gratitudes began growing: A growing gratitude for you and a growing gratitude for a growing awareness of the preciousness of my heart. As the awareness of and dedication to my heart has grown over the years, the two gratitudes have begun to merge into one for I begin to see that your voice and message, which are so utterly clear and so pure, are nothing less than our heart’s communication. A voice whose sound is like cool water to a dry and cracked tongue. A voice that is nothing more than absolutely necessary.

As your teachings have continued to meet me where I am in a way that is perfectly supportive of my continual growth, I am becoming more able to meet my current circumstances with a more open heart. As I do this, my belief, my faith, my trust in the pure essence that I am, that we all are, grows. As this grows I am realizing how much love there is within to be given. But, despite best intentions, I also see that my conditioned self has no idea how to use this love effectively, and that as of now the best thing I can do is do my best to silently merge with that inner essence within and allow what arises there in response to what I witness to funnel through cleanly to that inexpressible source.

I am beginning to learn that we are all input and output channels. We take in information from the “external,” which feeds into the Source, and that Source provides a perfect response from a database of knowledge and experience that is far beyond human fathoming, feeds that response through us to meet whatever external circumstance that confronts us perfectly, and thus the fabric of the Universe grows. Obviously this is extremely oversimplified and crude, but for the means of this I feel it suffices.

My channel is still dirtied up with beliefs of the programmed self. However, a very noticeable threshold has been passed through recently. Whereas before I had to take a number of woundings due to my inability to voice the truth that arose within, there seems to be growth because the truth is now emerging in more instances, whether that just be in simple action/nonaction, or through words spoken in a way that speaks to both myself and the “other.”

Though I see there is much work to be done, I view it with a perspective of excitement. I feel now that my feet are beginning to walk my heart’s path and the feeling is one of such profound gratitude and I want to share this gratitude with you and your students because without your books, your interviews, your movements I know that I would not be where I am right now. You have cut so much unnecessary pain out of my life and helped me to hold the necessary pains in such a way that I grow and I see the impact of my growth on those around me. The ripple effects are truly astounding to me.

I love you Lujan and I can’t wait to see you again. And I love you Mizpah as I know that you are an integral component to the magic that is occurring in mine and countless others lives on this beautiful planet.

Thank you for helping me see how beautiful I am and how beautiful this journey of life truly is!


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