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At 21, after a traumatic period in my life caused me to become an atheist, I read my very first book by Carlos Castaneda. Something inexplicable drew me into the Toltec path, as to me, it felt like the ultimate truth. Shortly thereafter, I received another of Carlos Castaneda’s books in a chance meeting by a stranger. Another, by a friend who had said it had been sitting on his bookshelf for years, “waiting for someone”. And later, after my handbag was stolen with one of those books inside, a colleague of my mum gifted me 7-8 books by the same author, thereby completing my collection – they were meant for another, but she never showed to collect them. You can imagine my surprise and gratitude, both of which cannot be put into words. But know this has given me a particular affinity with books (and their magic) and set me upon the Warrior’s Path.

I tried to incorporate the teachings as best I could, without having a teacher to guide me, but I struggled with my Self Importance and more so, with an intense fear of a particular entity which had been with me since the trauma of my childhood. That fear caused me to back away from the Warriors Path many times over. But I always returned. I knew I needed to take the teachings to the next level, but I was lost without the structure that the Carlos Castaneda books failed to provide. The stories in those books eloquently taught the theory which could be integrated internally, but failed to provide practical structure and techniques, to really bring the path to life.

Fast forward to age 33; I came to realise that my two most pressing tasks, are learning how to live in my heart space, rather than being dominated by my head, and clearing the re-occurrence of negative entities that had plagued me since childhood. I could detect and clear the entities once they attached, but was beginning to feel fearful that they kept returning and I couldn’t work out why. One week I sustained a particularly nasty attack, which left me physically and emotionally tattered.

Quite by chance, I found The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. The timing was impeccable as a few days after the most recent entity had been cleared, I opened up Lujan’s book and started reading. In this section, he and his benefactors perfectly illustrated the way in which entities attach and remain attached, and what we must do to free ourselves from this bondage. He explained that it wasn’t a case of expulsion, but transforming the root of their attraction. Unravelling our social conditioning so that we’re not trapped in repetitive cycles of action, reaction, action, reaction.

Suddenly everything made sense, particularly how my incessant cycle of thoughts kept me trapped within an awareness that the entities were attracted to. My previous dilemma of being ‘too in my head’ and dealing with these entities was intrinsically linked and I knew I had to step fully into my heart, but how? It was a revelation of such magnitude that it blasted away a decade of stagnancy, due to a fundamental block that I had no awareness of, until that moment.

After years of mental and emotional struggle, I felt the veil lifting and the cage door unlocking. I was overflowing with gratitude and I felt I needed to reach out to Lujan to thank him and his benefactors for transmitting this wisdom.

I didn’t expect him to respond. But he did. And with his response he gave me a gift of such importance, that I feel he knew exactly what I needed.

He gave me his book, Whisperings of the Dragon.

Within, Lujan teaches an incredibly simple method of not only stopping your internal dialogue, but the ultimate not-doing, which allows you to slip perfectly into your heart space and experience the world there, rather than in your head! And this in turn transforms the ability of entities to attach. Since employing Lujan’s techniques my energy feels so much fuller and cleaner not having felt the presence of entities since.

This happened just a few months ago and I am stunned by the beauty in which these lessons have been taught. I literally can’t put into words, how significant Lujan’s teachings -and those beautiful synchronicities- have been for me. My perception and subsequent interaction with the world is forever changed.

Only the Warriors Path can bring true freedom and so far, Lujan has been the catalyst for my first taste, but I have not yet learned to fly. My broken wings are healing and I feel that the opportunity to study with Lujan would allow them to unfurl so I cannot just take my first flight, but truly soar. Fearless and free, like the warrior I feel I’m destined to become.

I feel like my whole life has been in preparation for this moment, readying and cleansing my foundation for the next stage of training. My soul is calling and pulling at me to undertake the Energetic Arts so I can fully heal myself and others. He has been the only teacher to provide true structure and practical techniques and I believe in him more than any other. I want this opportunity more than anything and truly hope this can be my chance.

Thank you!







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