Testimonial: Online Shamanic Tuition + Lo Ban Pai

Lujan is the best! Loving, gentle, and utterly implacable. The online shamanic tuition was massively important for me. Lujan brought me face to face with the worst of me, exposing how I was enacting awful, oppressive, harmful behaviours and intending continual resentment and anger towards my lovely wife, and everyone else I came into contact with.

I had to be the best, no matter what, at the expense of others. This exposure of my nefarious, covert behaviour was excruciating, and I didn’t take it well, directing much anger and resentment towards Lujan.

Lujan was only loving and kind in return (at the same time he was very firm and brutally honest), helping me paint myself deeper and deeper into a corner of my own making. Lujan told me very clearly that I would never get healthy if I continued this covert behaviour as an energetic assassin and thief. (I’ve struggled with Lyme/CFS for many years.)

And then Lujan set me free, to be aware, to drop this poisonous behaviour. The results have been mind blowing. An unimaginable deepening of trust, respect, love and intimacy with my beloved, beautiful wife. My health has improved out of sight, too. And my connection with friends and clients is much softer, deeper, and more honest.

Lujan also encouraged me to stick with the raw vegan detox diet (from Mizpah’s website, Raw Food Solution) when it all seemed too hard, and I went back to eating eggs. I listened, and went back to the raw vegan detox. It was hard at first! I had to face a lot of emotional stuff, and deal with entitlement issues around food.

This raw vegan detox diet, along with herbal formulas for kidney support, gut support, and endocrine support (Mizpah has been an awesome support in guiding my journey with appropriate herbs, and helping me source them). For Lyme Lujan recommended I take Japanese Knotweed and Cats Claw (from Green Dragon Botanicals).

I’m 6 months into the raw detox diet plus the herbal protocols. And right now I’m on day 3 of a week long watermelon fast. It feels great, and I’ve been able to be quite physically active while fasting. For the first time in more than 15 years, my body is responding positively to exercise. My muscles are filling out, I’m getting stronger, and I can do physical exercise and feel good afterwards. Yahoo!!!

Lo Ban Pai is a daily practice. I love it! My body loves it. It’s like the movements seek out, reveal, and help to release tensions in my physical body. I’ve been having weekly structural integration/Rolfing bodywork sessions throughout the detox process, and I find this work helps me be stronger in the Lo Ban Pai stance and movements. The better my posture gets, the stronger the sensations I feel in my hands and body as I practice.

I’ve been shedding things, things I bought because I wanted them, things I don’t need. A lot of things, too. Ever since I first met Lujan, more than a year ago (to learn the Golden Lotus Series  in Cambodia) this has been happening, and it’s intensified a whole lot since the online shamanic tuition. It feels so good to set myself free of all this crap I’ve been dragging around with me.

Thanks so much, Lujan!

Lots of love,


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