Becoming acquainted with Lujan at a point in which I cannot put a time reference on is something that often comes to mind. Explaining the unexplainable is a task not worth indulging in and the outcome of my fascination of what has presented itself to me in recent years has brought a curiosity that cannot be ignored. From this comes my devotion to Lujan’s teachings; the internal art and physical aspects of Lo Ban Pai, which accompany each other, and when combined within truth and honesty offer a beautiful gateway to the heart. From this we navigate along our path connected and aware continually evolving towards whatever is appropriate and needed.

Integration has brought about previously unthinkable transformation and change and true inspiration has come from that. From this new form of application I now find myself in a compelling momentum moving forwards into the unknown. I would like to share parts of my journey with those that show interest in the hope that it can all be a catalyst for all of our personal development and growth. This is my highest truth and my intention is to inspire long lasting change through living a life of truth and honesty.

Thank you in advance for your attention. I wish you all the great courage in your personal journeys ahead.

The Blue Being and The Blue Spectrum Of Light

The following account occurred while training with Lujan recently and has been taken from my experience of the The Jaguar and Three Treasures training programs.

It’s the second week of my training here and I awaken feeling particularly vibrant with an enhanced enthusiasm. I begin the day practicing the set Awakening The Energy Body and after a shower I make my way into the town for breakfast. Upon leaving my apartment I immediately notice how beautiful the weather is.

I roll up the sleeves of my shirt so the sun can reach my arms. It feels nurturing and as I look up into the sky I notice there is not a cloud in sight. I pass the local tuk-tuk drivers who are also enjoying the morning sunshine. I take an extended route around town to appreciate the sun a little more. I explore some streets I had not walked through before passing some interesting French colonial buildings, some back packers hostels and locals embarking on their working day. Something is different today, everything seems altered ever so slightly and I feel a sense of deeper connection.

I arrive at a cafe. I sit upstairs where I can observe the busy market opposite as locals and travellers alike come and go. My order of fresh fruit and a coconut arrives. The waiter is polite but inquiring. He turns on the fan above my head and leaves. I relax peacefully with my food.

I contemplate the days training ahead. I leave the cafe and head across the river being mindful  to take a different route to the previous day. I pass the friendly security guard at the apartment gate who greets me with smile and gestures with his hand very gently to say hello. I enter Lujan’s apartment and he welcomes me with the usual joy and enthusiasm.

The area through the apartment feels very welcoming. It’s a lovely space with dark polished wooden flooring and light walls. Two Buddha statues welcome me on my arrival, one with an offering and another with a prayer. The space is lit delicately with minimal external light entering. The ceilings are higher than normal and the light is captured in this detail.

Lujan’s playlist is playing in the background and through the slightly ajar window you can hear the sounds of the birds in the courtyard. The two mix beautifully as if they were meant to accompany one another. it has become noticeable that time moves differently when training and studying here with Lujan. Sequences of events seem to become disjointed and ever so slightly confusing upon reflection. This is common place and a nice change from the way life revolves so rigidly within its routine at home. So much seems to happen in very little time and there is so much room for those happenings to occur. Much more has happened than what I can recall so far.

I sit with Lujan and discuss the training sessions so far. He is inquisitive about what is happening and is interested in what I’m seeing outside of the sessions. The past ten days have revealed a lot within the practice and myself and that has been unpredictable and challenging. We practice the movements from the previous day to recap and Lujan performs the next part as I follow. As we practice the coiling figure eight and spiraling movements of the Jaguar and Three Treasures something changes. We had become aware that there has been another presence in the room with us each day and it is significantly apparent on this day.

I can see the blue spectrum of light forming around the room while we practice. Small energy centres of red light appear within hand gestures. Lujan is glowing and different. His hat at times has a distinctive blue glow around it. We stop and he gestures me to sit down. I tell Lujan that what I’m seeing is particularly clear today. I see blue colouring appear on Lujan’s body on a few occasions. I inform him of what I’m seeing. He acknowledges its significance.

Shortly after we both look to the door and then hear a knock in the hallway outside the apartment. The sound visually entered the room a fraction before it was audible; a small white light swings into the centre of the room and disperses itself. Feeling more open and altered as our discussion continues I begin to see blue segments of light appearing on Lujan. I inform him of the two incidences. The visual appearance coincides with a feeling in my body which gives me information through a direct knowing than accompanies the two.

My heart rotates in such a way when I try against the will of spirit, in this case to withhold what I’ve seen. The discomfort is undeniable but not painful physically and as I inquire about it a sensation engulfs my heart centre. It’s distinctive in its presence and full in feeling. A deep connection. I pause the movement I’m practicing to break myself and deal with the sensation. Lujan is gleaming.

“Something is happening, that’s intense!” I exclaim bizarrely placing my forehead on the table in disbelief.

“I can’t carry on with the movement I need to deal with this. My heart feels like it’s going to explode!” I continue.

“You’ve seen me deeply so I’m revealing myself to you” Lujan adds.

I laugh and after gathering myself we continue. Highly altered and focussed we continue and after a short while we sit and allow the movements to embed themselves.

“You look different somehow” I tell Lujan. “I have no idea how, just different”.

As we stand from our seats I progress a few steps forward and glance back to Lujan. As he moves from the chair something makes itself apparent. All of a sudden I’m taken by total surprise. As Lujan moved a blue being emerged from his body and remained in position as he left. I glance away in disbelief shocked at what has occurred.

“What the…!” I exclaim as I momentarily glance back to where he was stood to see that the being has disappeared.

I look at Lujan shocked. He laughs and walks back towards where he was stood.

“What happened?”

I tell him what I just saw as I retreat ever so slightly to the other side of the room. My heart pounding in my chest as my attention returns to my body as the initial shock descends into me. I place my hands on my head as I comprehend what just happened.

“It was you but not you, stood there right where you were. It stayed stationary from within you as you moved from your chair. It was blue the same as the spectrum of light. I couldn’t deal with that so I looked away for a split second. I glanced back and it had gone.”

It took time for me to settle after the incident. It was exciting, startling and also quite a shock and for a second I couldn’t process it. We continue with the training session.

Lujan informs me that two hours of training happens here without me even knowing it. He is demonstrates the positioning of the the body during the movements. I become more aware of his hands and the gestures he makes. He indicates with his hands where the correct angles are within the postures, three quick movements of his hand up and down. I notice that he has physically drawn or perhaps illuminated this axis within my energy field. It’s a feeling within the body to that can be used as a reference to correct myself.

The session finishes in discussion on the events of the day. I depart and say goodbye to Lujan for the day. I begin to make my way down the corridor towards the lift. As I approach the lift I look up and what appears in front of me I can only describe as a white cloud, a portal perhaps. Just as I have time to notice it I have taken my next step and passed through arriving exactly there in the hallway, outside of the lift. That evening I feel considerably more tired than normal and head straight to bed missing my practice.

Upon realising I needed rest that evening I immediately recalled Lujan’s earlier comments. He had pointed out and subtly revealed that he knew I’d be too tired to train that evening. I ask myself “what else happened that day?” It’s quite often not until the situation presents itself that a realisation about what was already realised appears.

Seeing the blue being left me realising that anything is possible and most likely already happening. The movements Lujan taught opened me up to something incredible that I had at that time not experienced before.

Being in Lujan’s company heightens my senses and awareness. It’s a safe environment for the unexpected to occur. I’m comfortable with that, I’m ready to see what needs to present itself.

These beings have become visible in my home in the evenings and are most visible after my daily evening practice which includes Whispering Palms, Dragon’s Tears, The Golden Lotus and The Jaguar Series. These beings are all around us, all of the time.