By Lujan Matus

This is a very complex subject so I have introduced a Taoist perspective and a general and his first commander to try to portray something that is so deeply complex.

The Art of War

From a Taoist perspective, alignment through cooperation is key. A Taoist master once told a story of how energy plays a crucial part in conquering an enemy. He spoke of a famous general who was to go to battle.

As they were preparing for the conflict to come, he had noticed within his ranks covert dissent towards his authority. He observed subtle eye gestures, minute tones, that revealed his cohort did not favor him as a human being.

The general quickly seized upon the circumstance and said to his right hand commander that if we go to battle with any form of conflict, in terms of negative energy between us, it will bring grave danger to us all.

“I have noticed your disposition. I am left now with a very difficult decision. If I leave you here to defend my lands and the family of my warriors including my own, the background of my being will be held within stasis, knowing that my greatest wealth, in terms of the bonds of comradely to the warriors that accompany me in this impending battle of power, will be weakened via your intentions.

“Will you avoid being slain because of this and allow the one’s that I care for to be taken in my place – whether it is intentionally or not?

“The energetic precedence is set. Thus I could leave a great part of myself behind, watching what I have left in terms of my unsettled energy towards your intentions.

“So not only is it a blow to my chi but also to the collective power of my warrior’s families.”

The Taoist master paused and continued. He said there are many consequences that exist in the old world that still apply to the new.

As the general was portraying his dilemma to his cohort he said,”now knowing what I know if I take you into battle with me, our village will be safer but the consequence of your presence beside me will not only weaken me but the dissent of your intentions will indicate to my enemies that my field is not complete and my troops are not aligned via this process.”

The Taoist master explained that what is meant by this is that if the general, when engaged in combat with his first blows, if he has the complete support of everyone behind him, his first strike will deliver a powerful impact – not only knocking one person from their center – but up to thirty or forty men will be weakened through his delivery of power and this happens via collective insight. It is an unwavering knowing.

Therefore if the enemy is stronger within their alliance, the general consequently could be struck and injured irreversibly via the energetic weakness of not doing what needed to be done in terms of keeping his power whole, and many of his warriors will fall energetically and may not recover because of this.

So then the general said, “I cannot leave you, nor can you accompany me. For you may bring misfortune.”

He asked then, “where do you reside within?”

As this statement of power was delivered to the general’s right-hand man, there was no recourse for him but to align his energy in accordance with his circumstances, for he realized, at that point that he had put himself in grave danger after being presented with such a dilemma by his general. He quickly internally realigned, realizing all the consequences towards his own being were being reflected in the general’s words towards a truth that gave light to his own personal inevitability as a true mirror to the consequences of what was never spoken, yet so plainly seen.

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