Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Lujan Matus’ Dragon’s Tears workshop in August of 2015. In only seven days’ time, Lujan teaches the entire movement series, Dragon’s Tears, which is the basic set of movements that comprises Lo Ban Pai. I found the movements to be graceful, not demanding, yet powerful. Never have I sweated so much without strenuous movement.

On just the first day, my body felt toned, heavy but happy. At first, I was energized, then I would collapse and deeply sleep during afternoon naps. The pattern of being energized, then sleeping deeply in the afternoon continued for the next two or three days.

Lujan has often mentioned reducing the social self, wrestling it to the floor and leaving it there. On the second day, he knocked mine loose for yet another round. These moments are always difficult to live through for understanding energy and intention is difficult for our social self, but Lujan addresses the problem with friendship and forgiveness, which affords the confused one a chance to fully understand what is happening.

I’ve never met a person who can so easily and artfully address a difficult situation with compassion yet without compromise. What a beautiful example Lujan presents of how problems can be resolved before they become a difficult situation.

At one point in the workshop, I could swear I heard my hands singing. It occurred just after I felt the energy of the movements under my hands, as if my hands were riding a wave, being gently propelled. Lujan explained a dynamic that occurs with our energy and offered the image of a witch flying on a broom. The energy comes from behind and offers propulsion. At one point, I actually felt this energy come from behind me and caress my midsection. In other movement series of Lo Ban Pai, I’ve felt this same caress.

These movements truly do put one in touch with one’s own personal power. It is almost tangible, like heat or cold, although there is no temperature within it that I have discerned. The movements seem to open the lower dantien into an empty space where the energy is free to sway in a gentle breeze.

This wonderful feeling of emptiness continues throughout the next day. The Tears are beginning to flow a bit easier. Lujan mentions that I look twenty years younger. What a great compliment for a woman! It is also a confirmation of the power of Dragon’s Tears. It is certainly working this magic on Lujan. At one moment, I wanted to get closer to him to confirm that he was wearing makeup. I swear he looks younger and younger every time I see him.

The next day is a difficult one. It is very hot and the ocean’s breeze is nonexistent. I feel irritated but cannot define why. On this day, circumstances conspire to knock loose the social self of several other students. This is as difficult to witness as it is to experience. One wants to comfort and support the one going through this, but Lujan’s loving strength provides enough support to allow his students to understand, face, and release the black magic we’re working on ourselves though upholding the social structures, wasting time with unimportant issues or manipulating the environment and those in it.

Lujan often speaks of confirmations from the environment and how internal silence guides one to know where to be and when. I’m still working on the internal silence — it is a years-long battle — but I’m finding I can “hear” things I’ve never before heard. I had separated myself to eat my lunch and perched on nearby steps. After a few minutes, a little gecko appeared on a rock to my side.

I heard it say, “You got couscous?” I giggled, thinking my internal dialogue can get so silly at times. Within the next few seconds, something occurred that caused me to set my bowl of couscous and fruit on the step and walk away. When I returned a few minutes later, I found the little gecko had crawled into my bowl and was eating couscous! He ate my banana, too. Who knew lizards ate fruit?

Throughout the conference, Lujan offers advice on many different subjects, like health and healing, relationships, how to follow one’s heart. It is at once practical and abstract. His advice on physical health has brought me physical relief I did not believe was possible.

He speaks of situations like when one is dealing with a difficult emotional situation, advising us to ask the question: Is it more difficult to be harsh or to be wounded and loving?

Another pearl of wisdom was to love an insecurity — of your own or your partner’s — until the insecurity disappears. The simple beauty of Lujan’s guidance continues to echo within many instances of my life.

I am so grateful to have Lujan’s guidance along the shaman’s path. His teachings flow so easily between profound and serious to gut-splitting laughter that one is left with a deep love for this life’s experience, here on Earth, which also has a way of rearranging itself while in Lujan’s presence.

Visiting with the nagual has no equal when it comes to understanding one’s self and what it means to find internal silence, to know what truly is personal power. His workshops and private tuition sessions are like no other. I’m hooked. Magic happens!


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