Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center

I’ve contemplated writing for many weeks. My words begin to form but I withhold them because my experience seems different from others’ I read here. I experienced EXTREME contrasts.

Each time we gathered, the energy of the group filled me with joy, commitment, devotion, encouragement; and outside of the tent, I often felt overwhelmed by solitude – and being a stranger in a strange land.

I looked upon Lujan with awe and appreciation for his humility, tenderness, vulnerability, and willingness to share these precious teachings with us; and I sat in disbelief and fear at the strength of his powerful seeing, and searing honesty and tenacity.

I sweated my *@! off in the big tent, cursing the heat every afternoon; and I basked in delight, rejuvenating in the cool turquoise-blue waves of the Atlantic. It felt like a baptism, washing away the weeks’ frustration — ascending renewed. (Thank You Dora and Chris!)

The flow of movements of Dragon’s Tears eludes me. I can’t remember the sequences without notes; but I am enjoying an easy flow of life. When I don’t think about what’s next in Dragon’s Tears, it’s an interesting dance with energy.

When I don’t think about what’s next in life, life flows! Life is different, it’s subtle, but it’s palpably different. I share what I see and feel and value with people, automatically, with friends, family, strangers, as if my words come through my voice involuntarily. I’m simultaneously aware of and surprised by them, not sure who created them. The interaction is not usual or expected.

I’m relaxed in a flow of energy, sensing a freedom, a deeper heart connection, something subtle yet genuinely real spiraling around us, between us — it is us!

Can an experience of such energy be described with words?

My head bows to you, Lujan and Mizpah, Jana and Will, and all the spiritual warriors who made the trek to Tenerife for Dragon’s Tears.


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